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Approve Rx: Database of Thousands of Authorization Forms

Ever heard of a prior authorization? Before we tell you what is all about, it is important that we take a quick look at what prior authorization implies. Prior authorization is basically a requirement that your doctor gets approval from your health care insurance provider before prescribing you any med. So this process allows them to make a decision whether they would cover a prescription either a prescribed procedure, medication, or service. Without a prior authorization approval, your health insurance will cover your treatment cost. the procedure mainly helps to minimize cost since benefits are only paid if your medical treatment, care or procedure has been approved by your health insurance provider. There are thousands of prior authorization forms from several health insurance companies and prescription benefit managers (PBMs) across the United States. Getting the form needed for a patient may prove time consuming and full of hassle. This is where comes in.

ApproveRx has a database of thousands of authorization forms which they collected from a great variety of health insurance providers and Prescription benefit managers (PMBs) so that getting the forms you need would be easy and hassle-free. They search for and deliver the prior authorization appropriate forms. They also make the authorization process easier as they as their dashboard is created in such a way that you could manage and review all the authorization requests made.

Prior Authorization Pharmacy

When talking about healthcare, you cannot factor out pharmacies. The thick lining between prescribers and patients are the pharmacies. After a drug is prescribed for a patient it is from a licensed pharmacy the prescription can be filled. Pharmacies sell drugs, injections, medical equipment among others. The question now does prior authorization concern pharmacies. Yes, it certainly does. But how? You know there are times when a patient comes to a pharmacy in order to fill a prescription. When patients come to get certain drugs, pharmacies are required to submit prior authorization forms to physicians so they could process the approval from the patient’s healthcare provider. It would help the pharmacy know if the cost of drug or implement would be covered by the insurance provider. So, how does ApproveRx help pharmacies in this regard? They help pharmacies to quickly get, complete and submit prior authorization forms. prevents pharmacies from going through the hassle of looking for the appropriate prior authorization form from place to place; all is required is to simply make use of the search tool to get and download the forms needed. You would be required to provide only the drug and plan information in the ApproveRx search tool and approved gives you the form you need after searching their thousands of forms database. This makes your pharmacy faster in processing the drugs of customers keeping the utility derived from your service high and thus securing a repeated patronage. ApproveRx is a free web-based tool that every pharmacy could take advantage of. It can be integrated within a pharmacies existing workflow without purchasing, installing or learning any new program.

Prior Authorization Prescription

Prescription could be for drugs, a treatment procedure, a service or a durable medical equipment. Prior authorization helps prescribers know if their patients’ health insurance provider would cover the prescribed drug, procedure, medical implement or service; as the case may be. From what prior authorization stands for it is an essential process that prescribers have to go through from time to time. helps prescribers spend less time managing prior authorization requests, making it possible to focus fully on patient care. The whole patient care would be faster and more effective keeping your patients happy and glued to your service. Prescribers can use ApproveRx to

  • Get, download, and submit prior authorization forms hassle free.
  • With you can build a comprehensive address book that would contain patient and pharmacy information.
  • You can also E-fax forms completed from
  • You can use the ApproveRx dashboard to review and manage your submitted prior authorization.

From the above details, we could say that makes the whole prior authorization process easier for prescribers. This is because; without the services rendered by, processing prior authorization would be time-consuming, slower, and exhausting. Also, it would be difficult to place 100% focus on the patient. So, the whole process of getting approval is made easy and expedited by

Prior Authorization Form

There are thousands of prior authorization forms. Getting the one you need could take a lot of time and energy. ApproveRx delivers the appropriate prior authorization form to you almost instantly. You can complete the form on their website from your computer or print it out and complete it by hand whichever one suits you better.

An Image of a Prior Authorization Form

An Image of a Prior Authorization Form

To get the correct form you click new prior authorization request on their website and enter the search information, the form you need is then delivered to you. Note that prior authorization forms change from time to time, however, ApproveRx claims they always update their forms to reflect changes. Completing all the required parts of the form is essential if you desire to have an expedited processing. Some of the required fields include first name and last name of the patient, name of the physician, zip code. You could save a form to complete later by clicking the “save and complete later” button. To view all your submitted forms, click submitted prior authorization link to view submitted requests.


Prior authorization appears to be a cumbersome task to take on. If you are a physician or you run a pharmacy, ApproveRx could help you make it simplified and expedited so you can focus on more pressing issues like caring for your patients and customers.

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