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Canada Drugs Pharmacy Reviews

Before attempting to buy drugs from an online pharmacy it is necessary to do a little research about the pharmacy. Among the research, you have got to read reviews about the pharmacy. It is paramount to do this if you desire to get quality and standard drugs delivered to you in a timely manner. Like you definitely know not all online pharmacies can be considered legitimate as a great percentage of online pharmacies are involved in unsafe pharmaceutical practices. There is no oversight of online pharmacies because they are numerous, they operate from different locations, and some even have no physical addresses. Coming down to Canadian pharmacies. There are certainly major issues affecting stakeholders (patients, pharmacies, and regulatory agencies). Prices of meds are high in the US so patients turn to Canadian pharmacies for affordable prices. While these Canadian pharmacies dispense Canada drugs, they also source for drugs from other locations where prices are controlled like New Zealand, UK, and Australia. The drugs sourced from these locations are the same brands with the high priced ones in the US. The problem regulatory bodies have with buying drugs from foreign pharmacies (Canadian pharmacies) is the fact that they have no authority to regulate the activities of these pharmacies and they, therefore, cannot ensure that you get quality meds. So, importing drugs is frowned upon and discouraged. However, the Canadian pharmacies argue that it is all a plot by big pharma to ensure patients continue purchasing high priced drugs. What do we think? Well, from our point of view; while saving money is great, safety is somewhat greater. Nevertheless, there are Canadian pharmacies that can be trusted and have helped patients save a great amount of money with patients having no complaints at all about the quality of drugs dispensed. Canada has its regulatory bodies that ensure pharmacies are involved in safe practices. So, before you buy your drugs from a Canadian pharmacy, you have to make sure that it is accredited by these agencies. For the reason of this article, we would be doing a review on After reading this article, you should be able to make a decision on whether it is safe to try them out or not.

Canada Drugs Overview is a Canadian pharmacy based in Winnipeg Manitoba. It is involved in the sales of prescription and non-prescription meds to patients in Canada, the US, and other countries.

They offer one of the best prices for prescription and non-prescription drugs sourced from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. From the prices we see they offer, one would really save a lot ordering from this pharmacy. For example, the Viagra 100 Mg pill made by Pfizer which costs $40 in the US is $14.05 in this pharmacy. Cialis 20 Mg which is sold for over $41 per pill is $19.40 in this pharmacy. They accept credit card payments (American Express, Visa, and Master Card). They also accept money order, cashier’s check, and a wire transfer. Their shipping takes 14 to 28 days to arrive at destinations in North America and Western Europe.

People from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Puerto Rico are given a free shipping privilege. In relation to shipping, they have a return policy that gives customers the right to return a product damaged during transit or mistaken products and other errors within 90 days of delivery. You can contact them via email, live chat, and via their toll-free line. From what we gather, there customer care reps are impressive and would satisfy your inquisitions. They also would proffer solutions to your queries.

Is Safe? is a pharmacy that has been in existence for quite some time. Their existence can be dated far back as 2001. So, they’ve been in business for 17 years. Usually, this is a great accolade which signifies trust. However, we cannot on the basis of long-standing years conclude that they are safe. In recent times they have been quite a controversial appearing on the raider of certain news agencies and websites who question their legitimacy owing to the ongoing indictment from the US Department of Justice faced by The indictment is based on the claim has been involved in selling fake drugs to US patients for years. They are also alleged to be in conspiracy with Pharmacy Checker, with the claims that the accreditation body knew of this yet approved the pharmacy because they were given financial benefits including an all expenses paid trips for some of its key staff. However, these are only claims that are still debated in the court. But shuts down in July 2018 according to the plea agreement with the US Department of Justice. Though we see that they are truly working out of Manitoba which usually signifies that they are monitored by Manitoba regulatory bodies and we also see that they are connected with Manitoba International Pharmacy Association (MIPA) which guarantees safety; we cannot vouch for safety regarding this pharmacy until the justice department’s resolve. Reviews

One thing that would help shed more light on practices is to take a look at what past customers have to say in their customer reviews. So, let’s take a few real quick

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Canada Customer Reviews

The first customer who reveals himself as Corgwin, has bad things to say about Canada Drugs pharmacy. He tells us that the Viagra he ordered from was counterfeit and did not work. However, the second customer who reveals himself as Captain Bill has great things to say about the Viagra he ordered from He says despite the bad press news about the pharmacy he tried his luck because of the cheap price compared to the US price. To his, he got the same authentic Viagra made by Pfizer. In fact, he says he would recommend for Pfizer products. The third customer review tells us that she has been shopping her drugs from Canada Drugs for 5 years and has had no bad experience. For the reason, she says she could recommend them.


From everything about ranging from its accreditations, it bad and good reviews, and the indictment it is facing at the moment, it is difficult to make a conclusion about their safety. You can make orders from this pharmacy at your own discretion or better still wait till there is a verdict from the US Department of Justice. We advise that you check our top list of recommended pharmacies for a list of pharmacies that deliver authentic drugs to its customers in a timely manner. Also, don’t forget to beware of scammers.

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