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Online Mexican Pharmacy: Traits of a Legitimate Online Vendor

More and more patients resort to buying their meds online by the hour. This is not surprising since it is as a result of pricing. Online pharmacies are basically internet-based pharmacies so pretty much everyone could buy a drug from whatever country. All is needed is the pharmacy’s web address. Buying drugs online has helped individuals save a huge amount of money. One cannot be surprised about this since the cost online pharmacies incur is lower than the cost physical pharmacies incur. An internet-based pharmacy could service a wide spectrum of people from a single location as against physical pharmacies that have to open several branches to service more customers. So the cost of building and maintenance of different branches is off the list for online pharmacies. Also, most of these international online pharmacies existing in other countries outside the US often sell drugs cheaper because their government often monitor and control drug prices creating a price cap for medications. But in the US the FDA is not involved in controlling prices and this makes prices of medications higher in the US than most countries. So, like we said many patients resort to online pharmacies buying drugs from other locations like Mexico. Many patients are known to buy drugs from Mexican pharmacies for the pricing and for the fact that Mexican pharmacies could deliver controlled medications to your chosen address hitch-free. However, to make a purchase of a controlled medication from a Mexican pharmacy, you have to ensure that you have a prescription from your local doctor and you also have a prescription from a Mexican doctor. Otherwise, you would have problems getting your controlled meds from online Mexican pharmacies. If you are one of the patients who desire to buy a drug from an online Mexican pharmacy then this article is for you.

Legitimate Online Mexican Pharmacy

While all online pharmacies that are internet based are online pharmacies, not all of them are legitimate. There are thousands of online pharmacies which makes it difficult to choose a legitimate one. An illegitimate pharmacy implies that there is no one (pharmaceutical agencies) monitoring their activities to see if they comply with the regulations governing pharmacies. This sort of pharmacies are known to ship incorrect and counterfeit drugs to their customers. Apart from sending you incorrect drugs, most of these pharmacies are known to send you non-US versions of the drug ordered send generic versions when you physician wrote a prescription for the brand-name drugs. Are we saying it is a bad choice to make a purchase of your drugs from an online Mexico pharmacy? No, we are not. We are saying that if you choose to buy your med from a Mexican online pharmacy, you have to make sure that they are legitimate. An illegitimate Mexican pharmacy would:

  • Sell controlled substances to you without a prescription from a licensed doctor.
  • Lack licensed physicians that could answer your questions. You can confirm by calling the pharmacy to ask for the physician or pharmacist’s license information. Thereafter confirm online.
  • Not have a genuine physical address located in Mexico.
  • Sell your personal information. So, always check their privacy policy. Also, check if their website is secured with an encryption. You can find out by looking at the address bar if it has a padlock.

These tips above are the general tips for identifying rogue online pharmacies. Use them while you attempt to purchase drugs from online Mexican pharmacies.

Safe Online Mexican Pharmacy

Safety is a thing that we cannot overlook when talking about online pharmacies. If a pharmacy is not safe it is important you stay clear of them, so you do not create problems for yourself and your families. These problems could result from consuming counterfeit drugs or from making payment through an unsecured system. Note that while there are safe online Mexican pharmacies, the FDA advises against buying drugs from international pharmacies. This is because they are unable to control and monitor their activities. Hence, they would not know for sure if they uphold pharmaceutical standards. Safe Mexican pharmacies are legitimate pharmacies which are controlled and monitored by licensing agencies. Hence, they have their accreditations. Any online pharmacy accredited by a licensing agency would have their seal displayed on their website. Some of the agencies include NABP (National Association Boards of Pharmacy) and Legitscript. Check the images of their seals below

NABP and LegitScript Seal Images

NABP and LegitScript Seal Images

Viagra Online Mexican Pharmacy

Viagra is a drug that is important to the sexual health of many men. Without Viagra many men would have been unable to perform well sexually with their partners due to erectile dysfunction. Viagra effectively restores erectile functioning by boosting the flow of blood to the penile area which promotes a hard and long-lasting erection. Many patients have been known to get the drug this drug online for the common reason for a cheaper price. Online Mexican pharmacies are known to sell Viagra cheaply. And US patients bypass the high cost of Viagra in the US by ordering it online from Mexican pharmacies.

Viagra Image

Viagra Image

If you desire to buy the drug from an online pharmacy in Mexico, ensure it is legitimate before you make a purchase. Use our tips above to identify legitimate online pharmacies.


While buying meds online generally helps you save time and money, it is risky. So, when you decide to buy your drugs from online Mexican pharmacies ensure you are making a purchase from a legitimate one as not all pharmacies you see online are legitimate. Hence, not all online Mexican pharmacies are safe. As we usually advise, check our top list of recommended pharmacies to see a list of pharmacies that are legitimate and safe. Also, ensure that you are careful because there are several scammers online.

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