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Pharmacy King: Online Canadian Pharmacy With Plenty of Third-Party Reviews

Canadian Pharmacy King claims to have been an online drugstore for over 10 years as they stated in 2004. This Canadian Pharmacy claims to be based in Surrey, British Columbia just thirty minutes from the US/Canada border and is certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and Pharmacy Checker and dispenses medications from fulfilment centres that are not only located in Canada but in different parts of the world including Singapore, Turkey, Mauritius, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. They also claim to provide a prescription process that is easy and accessible for customers.

This online pharmacy vendor has a variety of drugs and asserts that it is the king of generic as well as brand name medications. Customers can find antidepressants, Arthritis and anti-inflammatory medications, Asthma drugs, Birth control pills, Blood pressure medication, cancer medication, Pills for men’s health and women’s health and even those for eye care and more. They claim that since they source medications they sell from a fully licensed Canadian Pharmacy as well as from certified international partners, they will distribute cheap but high-quality drugs to customers. For example, 100mg Zoloft (Sertraline) made by Pfizer and shipped from India can be purchased for 74 USD for 90 capsules.

New customers are required to sign-up or create an account before ordering prescription medications. This online pharmaceutical vendor claims that with its dedicated search box which is located at the top of the website, customers can easily search and place an order for a medication. Customers who place an order are usually sent an email confirmation which a customer can make reference to when reviewing an order or to confirm the shipping address inputted during checkout. Prescriptions are sent either by fax, email or mail and a customer representative calls to review an order and charge a customer.

Canadian Pharmacy King Reviews and Consumer Reports

Buyers usually put trust in an online pharmaceutical website that has gained popularity over the years. Canadian Pharmacy King is one of the popular pharmaceutical vendors on the web, as reflected by its plenty of reviews from various third-party platforms.

Canadian Pharmacy King 4* Rating

Canadian Pharmacy King 4* Rating

It is notable that the store Canadian Pharmacy King has a profile and good ratings on a renowned organization, Pharmacy Checker. Only select online drugstores are able to join this association, let alone get good reviews from former clients. Below are some of the customer testimonials for Canadian Pharmacy King:

Customers like 1800mike commended the store for its good service

Customers like 1800mike commended the store for its good service. According to him, the shop’s customer service was good and his order arrived faster than anticipated. He rated the store 5 out of 5 stars.

Another client, Pluto, also gave Canadian Pharmacy King a score of 5 out of 5 because the customer support team was “friendly and helpful” and also because, like “1800mike”, he received his orders sooner than he was advised.

Not all buyers were pleased with Canadian Pharmacy King’s service, though – a handful of clients, like David, had an unpleasant encounter with the shop, which caused him to give an awful review of the website.

David commented that he had to wait 10 weeks for a prescription medication which he ordered from this online pharmacy even though he was told it would only take 8 weeks. He said when he called the pharmacy, He was offered a reshipment and this would mean that he would have to wait for an extra 18 days to get his order. He was doubtful as to whether he would get a refund. Mike, another customer expressed his frustration saying that despite taking out time to complete the sign-up process, when he tried to place an order, he was informed that credit cards were not accepted.

Because most of the buyers had excellent reports about the drugstore, Canadian Pharmacy King’s average remained high – an indication that more customers actually trusted the shop instead of loathing it, like the user named David.

Angela Petaccio who lives in the United States rated this online drugstore 5 stars and commented that she had been using this pharmacy for over a year to get prescription medications and that when compared to local retail pharmacies in the US, the prices of medication were affordable.

Canadian Pharmacy King Coupon – Find Out How To Obtain Drugs Cheap With Coupon Codes

The prices of medications on the Canadian Pharmacy King website are reasonable and this extends to even medications for pets, however, there were no coupon codes on the website of this pharmaceutical vendor. Since this online drugstore claims that it sources its medications from a licensed Canadian Pharmacy and a number of international partners located in different parts of the world, it is possible that the brand and generic medications sold on the website are already discounted.

Viagra Prices at Canadian Pharmacy King

Viagra Prices at Canadian Pharmacy King

Although no coupons are present at Canadian Pharmacy King, the shop is renowned to offer low prices for its medicines. Even if the store Canadian Pharmacy King has brand name drugs available, the shop also has generic options for the meds so they can maximize their savings. As you can see in the image above, buyers can purchase Viagra at $60 for 64 pills, which means that buyers can have this product for less than $1.00 each.

Independent coupon codes websites do not have discount codes for customers to use when placing orders on this online drugstore and there was no promo information found on this website. Customer reviews although mixed did not suggest that coupon codes were used to obtain discounts from the website, however, most of the customers were satisfied with the prices of drugs they purchased.


Pharmacy King is an online pharmaceutical vendor that is located in Surrey, British Columbia and is approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and Pharmacy Checker as a distributor of authentic medications. It has a physical address and gets both generic and brand name products from a fully licensed Canadian Pharmacy and from international partners worldwide in order to ensure buyers have access to a variety of medications – prescription-only and over-the-counter medications and that they purchase medications at a reduced price.

Canadian Pharmacy King has limited customer reviews and while some customers were completely satisfied with the services they received, some were not. Most of these customer reviews, however, suggest that the prices of medications sold on the website are very affordable. There were no available coupon codes for use on the website and so customers who hope to cut down extra costs with this pharmaceutical vendor may not be entirely satisfied. Prospective buyers who want to locate genuine Canadian Pharmacies that sell prescription-only drugs as well as others at a reduced price should do well to consult our list of top recommended online pharmacies.

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