Affordabledrugs 8 Aug, 2018 Avatar Online Pharmacy Offering Discounts is an accredited online pharmacy that is a member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). The pharmacy is located in Ontario, Canada and has been duly licensed to offer the services of a pharmacy. Since its establishment, the pharmacy has been able to assist a lot of people from all over the world to fill their prescriptions.

The drugs sold at the pharmacy are both prescription and over-the-counter medications which could either be brand medications or generics that are made by reputable drugs manufacturers. The prices at which the pharmacy sells these drugs is quite low compared to the price of similar drugs at local pharmacies. This has made it possible for people to afford their medications especially those who cannot afford to get a medical insurance cover to help in partial payment of the drugs. has secured its website as a way of ensuring that the details that customers submit when transacting with the pharmacy are secure and will not be accessed by a third party. You can, therefore, shop with confidence at the comfort of your home and have your medications delivered to you within the shortest possible time.

The customer service team at the pharmacy is friendly and will attend to any concern raised by a customer promptly. A telephone number has been provided at the pharmacy’s website through which one will be able to contact the friendly team during working hours. If you wish to leave a written message, there is a form that is available at the pharmacy where you will be able to fill in the details of the issue you want to be attended and the customer service team will get to you as soon as possible.

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There is only one review from a customer who has previously purchased drugs from the pharmacy which is positive. Stan Smith says that he purchased dog medications from the pharmacy and he was happy with the treatment he received from the customer service team at the pharmacy. He says that he had searched for the medications in all the local pharmacies and had not been able to find it. On logging into website, he was able to find the drug which was delivered to him in ten days.

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Though a single review will not be sufficient to gauge if the pharmacy can be trusted or not, it is evident that the pharmacy stocks a wide range of drugs, including those that would be hard to find at a local pharmacy. You will also be able to get all the assistance you will need from the customer service team in the process of placing your order which is also commendable. To get a clarification before you can place an order, you can call the pharmacy and if you will be satisfied with the information that will be provided by the customer service team, you will then go ahead and place your order. Discounts offers some discounts to their customers to enable them to pay less for their medications. It is also a way of encouraging them to continue shopping at the pharmacy and to pull others that have been buying from other online pharmacies to shift and buy from them.

For every order that will be placed at the pharmacy, a customer will have the drugs delivered without paying for the shipping.

Customers have also been guaranteed that if they discover that another legitimate online pharmacy is selling drugs at a price that is lower than the price that is selling, they should notify the pharmacy and they will reduce the price to match that of the competitor.

Photo of a Shopping Cart Showing Some of the Discounts Offered

Photo of a Shopping Cart Showing Some of the Discounts Offered

The prices of the medications have also been greatly reduced to enable everyone to pay for them even without an insurance cover.

If on receipt of the drugs you find out that those are not the drugs you wished to buy or for any other reason you are not satisfied with the drugs, you should notify the pharmacy before the end of thirty days and then ship the drugs back to the pharmacy. The value of the drugs will be refunded through the method that was used in paying for the drugs. This proves that the pharmacy is confident of the quality of the medications sold and you can, therefore, shop with confidence. Legit has fulfilled all the requirements of the regulatory bodies and has been certified as a legitimate pharmacy. This means that all its operations are legitimate and can, therefore, be trusted to offer great services.

The fact that they will accept to give a refund of the value of the drugs sold if the customer is not satisfied is also another proof that the pharmacy sells highly effective medications.

On searching the web, there was no evidence that the pharmacy has ever scammed any of the customers who have been buying drugs from them. Though there is only one positive review, the absence of a negative review proves that it is a trusted site. will require a prescription if one will be buying prescription-only drugs which should be mailed to the pharmacy before the processing of the order.

Summary is a verified pharmacy that sells high-quality medications at affordable prices. There are no enough reviews which can be used to gauge if the pharmacy can be trusted to sell effective medications. The single review that is available is positive and this means you can take the risk and order your medications from them. When buying drugs from an online pharmacy, you should be careful and avoid any site that looks suspicious. This is because some online pharmacies are out to take advantage of the desperation of those seeking cheap prescription drugs online by selling fake drugs. To avoid this, you can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies and choose one of the listed reliable pharmacies to buy your medications from.