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Better Rx: Obtaining Medications at a Lower Price

Prescription drug costs are usually on the high side and this is mainly because a company that manufactures a drug has the sole right to produce and sell that drug for any amount for a long time until the patent expires and so these companies may end up charging patients high prices without the option of a bargain. The essence of prescription drug discount is to negotiate directly with the pharmacies that sell a prescription medication offering more business deals in terms of increased sales for accepting the cards and selling medications at a lower price.

Prescription discount cards have become popular especially with the high cost of prescription medications and the fact that customers are looking for quick methods to cut the costs so that they can purchase high-quality drugs for less. A prescription discount card is more like an insurance card and most of the time there are claims that when used it can discount the price of prescription drugs up to 75 percent or more, however, this may not always be the case. In fact, while these drug discount cards promise its users better cost on prescription drugs and are advertised as easy to use, customers may not be getting good deals using them.

Prescription drug discount cards can be gotten from a variety of sources. It is popularly received via mail, however, customers cay also download these drug discount cards online from various websites offering these cards for free. To buy cheaper and better Rx medications, customers must present these drug discount cards at a pharmacy that accepts such to receive reasonable price reduction on prescription drugs. In fact, some of these drug discount cards even include discounts on pet supply and medications and it is suggested that these cards may be of more benefit to individuals without an insurance plan.

Better Rx Card

Better Rx is an online platform aimed at assisting customers in saving money on their medications. Better Rx offers a discount card that enables buyers to get a chunk of their medication bills off even if they do not have insurance or medicare.

Better Rx Card

Better Rx Card

Best Rx is pretty straightforward to use – you only need to fill out a brief form, then the website will give you access to a printable Better Rx Card. You can use this Better Rx Card at 63,000 pharmacies all over the United States, which means you can use this card at almost any local drugstore in the country.

This Best Rx service was created by Genuity Group and this service has been around since 2010. Although the platform does not show exactly how much buyers are going to save, it’s great that customers can use the Better Rx Card to help them minimize their spending on expensive prescriptions.

Best Prescription Drug Discount Card Reviews – Find Out Customer Opinion On Using Drug Discount Cards To Obtain Cheaper And Better Rx Medication

Most patients are skeptical when they first receive a prescription discount card and many times wonder whether they actually get to save on Rx better when they use these discount drug cards or are subject to some hidden fee and as such most customers that receive a free drug discount card for Better Rx drug prices may end up not using it. In fact, some sources even claim that some companies that claim to offer these discount cards are not actually discounting but are instead taking money from unsuspecting customers who assume they are getting a discount. Reviews from those who have used a prescription discount card are available online and are shown the screenshots below

Pharmacy Card Customer Reviews

Pharmacy Card Customer Reviews

April P. a customer who has used a prescription discount card she obtained from an online prescription card store says she was at first having doubts that the idea of these discount drug cards appeared too good to be true, however, when she went to get a prescription refill she was amazed as she was able to save over 90 USD and that instead of paying 176 USD she only paid 86 USD. She recommended that individuals who do not have a prescription coverage should absolutely make use of these free prescription discount cards and assured the public that prescription cards actually work.

Prescription Discount Card Customer Review

Prescription Discount Card Customer Review

Jose Hernandez also showed some reservations about prescription drug cards and commented that most times items that are free including prescription discount cards may not be legitimate. He said that he has been able to use the prescription card he downloaded online to get better Rx prices and that the price he got was actually lower than what he would have paid using his insurance.

Best Prescription Discount Card Savings

While most prescription discount cards promise to give customers up to 75% discount on prescription drugs it may not be so in reality. One study suggests that the average saving that can be gotten using these drug discount cards is only about 15 to 16% but this still does not apply in all cases as the amount of savings a customer gets is varied and usually depends on the pharmacy and the type of medication bought thus, while some saved as much as 70% some did not come with any savings.

Customers who are yet to use prescription discount cards to get better Rx medication discounts also have the opportunity to increase their savings by choosing a prescription discount card that will save more cash when purchasing prescription medications and while it is actually difficult to ascertain the best discount drug card to use, it is possible to get several of these drug cards and check the prices for medications online or even visiting several pharmaceutical stores to know which one offers the best prices.

Savings alone should never be considered when opting to use a prescription discount card to get better Rx drug prices rather, prospective customers must be alert as there are several rogue prescription discount card stores that may request for a fee for the card or even sell a customer’s information. It would be best to look up a company’s rating and user reviews before downloading and using any prescription discount card.


In order to get better Rx drug prices, customers may make use of prescription discount cards. These cards are usually free and are available online and may even be delivered free of charge to a customer’s mailbox. They seem to be one of the best options especially for individuals who do not have an insurance plan and want to reduce the high cost of prescription drugs and some of these drug discount cards can even be used to get discounts on medications for every member of a family.

Customer reviews for prescription drug cards suggest that it may actually play a role in reducing better Rx drug costs and that this, in turn, depends on the pharmacy where the card is used and which medication a customer purchases thus, customers may want to look up different pharmacy prices with the drug discount cards and make an informed choice. In order for buyers to get the best deals with genuine online pharmacies we suggest, they consult our list of top recommended pharmacies.