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Birdsboro Pharmacy: Local Pharmacy with Quality Services

Birdsboro is a local drugstore that has its location in Pennsylvania. This pharmacy has been in operation since the year 1987. This means that they have been operating for over three decades. They are members of the Pennsylvania Pharmacist Association. They claim that they work hard in order to ensure that they provide their customers with quality services that they can be proud of. They claim to not only refill prescriptions but also ensure that every customer is satisfied by offering the best advice and also answering all the questions that they might be having.

This pharmacy does not only offer medications. They also offer durable medical equipment, medication therapy management, educational classes, immunization services, health tests, specialty pharmacy services and more. According to their website, they are open from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. On weekends, that us Saturday and Sunday, they open the store too. They open their store between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm on Saturday. On Sunday, their store is open between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. We decided to ensure that when you decide to purchase your medication from this pharmacy you will be dealing with a genuine store. We checked the reviews in order to get an insight into the kind of services that they offered.

Birdsboro Pharmacy Reviews

The store has been in business for three decades and another extra year. Therefore, it has to have reviews from people that they have already served. We able to find reviews online. All the reviews that we found were positive. We have some of them to prove this to you:

Birdsboro Customer Testimonial (source: https://www

Birdsboro Customer Testimonial

Mark D. gave Birdsboro a 5-star rating. He says that it is a local pharmacy that keeps its prices competitive. He does not see any reason as to why anyone would think of going elsewhere. He says that the local business is very fair and very helpful to the local community and the elderly.

J F. says that Birdsboro is a wonderful pharmacy. They have the best customer service. He says that if you are looking for personal care, good advice, reasonable prices, and supporting the community, Birdsboro is the place to buy your medications.

Birdsboro Pharmacy Reviews

Birdsboro Pharmacy Reviews

Albert Maicher says thanks to Birdsboro pharmacy for having the supplies that they needed urgently. Sharon Blank says that Birdsboro pharmacy is the only pharmacy that she purchases her medications from. She says that she travels for more than 6 miles in order to get her medications from the store. If they do not have the product already in their store, they will make the effort of ordering the product in order to help the patient. Sharon says that Birdsboro will strive in order to make sure that they meet the patient’s needs. They are kind and compassionate. She says that she has never encountered a pharmacy worker who was having a bad day at Birdsboro pharmacy. Sharon recommends the use of Birdsboro pharmacy to shop for medical equipment.

All the above reviews are from happy customers. They all seem very satisfied with the services that they get. They have all rated Birdsboro pharmacy 5 stars. This means that Birdsboro is a store that you can trust when ordering your meds. However, they don’t ship their medications internationally. They are solely focused on serving people who reside in Pennsylvania. In order to get a better chance to save your money with pharmacies that ship their medications internationally, check out our top-rated list of online drug stores. The pharmacies available on this list ship internationally and offer the best prices.

Birdsboro Pharmacy Prescription Meds

Birdsboro offered their patients a chance to refill their prescription meds. They offered an online service where the consumers could simply refill their prescriptions by filling out their details. Birdsboro promises to deliver their drugs on time. The following is the online service that we are talking about:

Birdsboro Pharmacy Prescription

Birdsboro Pharmacy Prescription

They offer a chance for people who usually ordered their prescriptions from different pharmacies to transfer them to their dedicated healthcare professionals and pharmacists. This would help the patients save money and time. They accept most insurance prescription plans. They also offered free delivery.

Although Birdsboro Pharmacy offers prescriptions to their customers, if you don’t live in Pennsylvania, you will not benefit from their services. However, you can still get your prescriptions refilled cheaply. To do this, you need to order your meds online. Don’t order from the first pharmacy that you find. Instead, place your order in one of the safe pharmacies that we recommend to you.

Birdsboro Pharmacy Legal

There is no aspect about Birdsboro Pharmacy that would point to the fact that they might be illegal. They operate within the confines of the law. They require a prescription before they can dispense any prescription drugs. They offer fast delivery and their drugs are always legitimate. The reviews available online were all positive. This proves that they offer the best services to their customers. All this shows that you can be able to trust the pharmacy with all your orders.


Birdsboro Pharmacy is a local drugstore that is located in Pennsylvania in the United States. They offer a variety of products and services. These included medications, refilling prescriptions, immunizations, educational classes, and durable medical equipment. The people who have already used the site have reported a lot of satisfaction in their reviews. The store requires a prescription for it to refill any prescription medications. Everything about Birdsboro Pharmacy shows that they operate legally.

Although this is a legal pharmacy, it only offers its services locally. This means that it will be hard for people who don’t live in Pennsylvania to get access to the meds that they offer. However, there are better and cheaper solutions available online. The stores that exist online are not always genuine as their websites might look. Therefore, you need to be careful when you are ordering your medications. Don’t use random stores that you find online. Use stores that have been investigated and proven to be the best in terms of the drugs that they deliver, their communication and delivery time. These are the stores that we suggest on our top-rated vendor’s list.