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Canadadrugcenter Com: International Pharmacy with a Variety of Promo Codes is an online international pharmacy that claimed that its customers are guaranteed affordable prices for prescription and nonprescription medications that are sourced from trusted drug manufacturers. It also asserted that with its website, customers would be able to connect with Canadian pharmacies that are fully licensed in order to access high-quality medications. While is online drugstore was still operational, it was approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and this assured buyers that this company sold only medications from approved pharmacies and that their financial information used online was kept safe.

Since it began its operation in 2007 it fulfilled prescriptions via its different pharmaceutical partners located in countries like Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand, Mauritius, India, Australia to mention a few and that a customer who placed an order from the website may receive medications from the locations of any of these aforementioned pharmaceutical partners thus, it basically worked as an intermediary by referring customers to pharmacies located in countries listed above so that customers have a variety of options in terms of medications and where to purchase from, however, buying prescription drugs here still required that customers provided a valid prescription from a physician.

This online drug store had several methods by which customers could get in touch with customer support agents including a toll-free number, email support and even a contact form, however, there was no live support option on the website. Customers who made a purchase using this website while it was still accessible were only offered a single shipping method that attracted a shipping fee of 10 USD per order and were guaranteed that the delivery time would be 7 to 12 business days for a customer residing in Canada and about 14 to 18 business days for all international orders.

Canada Drug Center Reviews

Jim Brennan who has purchased from said that he has been purchasing medications from this online drug vendor for years and that recently, their services were no longer reliable and that although he expected them to pick up, nothing has been done about the situation.

Canadadrugcenter Review

He said when he placed an order for a refill, his doctor called to inform him that the online pharmacy had called asking for a prescription for the medication he ordered. He said he was able to set things straight and was asked to send in a second voided check. He was disappointed that even after fulfilling every requirement he still did not get his order. He was also disappointed that the records he had earlier sent were not properly kept and in the inefficiency of responding to customer complaints. He ended by saying that he was never going to purchase medications from them anymore.

Canada Drug Center Review:

Canada Drug Center Review:

Another customer who had used Canada Drug Center for many years seemed to agree with Jim that there had been a slow decline in services from this online drugstore, however, he said he first noticed this decline when they could no longer accept credit cards as a method of payment and that the accent of the customer care representative was difficult to understand. He also complained that although he placed an order that was to be delivered to his mailbox he never received it and when he placed a call to this drugstore in order to get a replacement for his order as the company claimed it would do if customers do not get their medications delivered, he was asked to pay a re-shipping fee of $25 which he declined. He concluded by saying he no longer trusted them and was going to use another reputable online pharmacy. Promo Code

Canada Drug Center offers coupon codes to interested clients. These coupon codes served as a means to get loyal clients from around the world. Coupon codes are necessary especially since the pharmaceutical industry has become very crowded. thus assured its buyers that discounts will be given when they purchase medications using the website.

Canada Drug did not have any current discount coupon on the website but they can easily be gotten from third party websites that offer customers free coupon codes. One of such coupon codes is “cdc0910” which customers use at checkout to get $10 off, however, the website still had promotional offers. One of such involved inviting friends to order medications from the website. also offered reduced prices for certain medications, allowing customers get a fair price when obtaining a prescription and nonprescription medications. Some sources also suggest that there were certain coupon codes that could guarantee free shipping for orders, however, there was no mention of successfully using coupon codes to purchase medications at a lower cost by any of the customers who had has used the website.

Summary is an online drugstore that is approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association as a distributor of genuine medication. It claimed to act as an intermediary between customers and licensed pharmaceutical vendors, enabling them to get the best of medications from a variety of countries. Most of the customer reviews found online for were negative with most advising prospective buyers never to purchase medications from this website.

The shop offers its customers a variety of coupons and promotional codes that will enable them to get discounts when they purchased drugs using the website. This online drug store also has promotional offers for its customers; however, there was no indication that customers were successfully able to use coupons and promotional codes to get discounted prices for their medications.

With the increase in the number of fake online drug vendors that are not licensed and aim to cheat online buyers, it is now more difficult to find a reputable Canadian pharmacy that will deliver only high-quality medications to buyers. Prospective buyers who want to find reputable pharmacies can do so effortlessly when they consult our list of top recommended Pharmacies.