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Canadian online pharmacies are internationally popular mainly because of their exceptionally cheap prices for the medicines that they sell. They greatly help customers in saving money especially those people whose medications are costly. The meds that they offer are priced differently than the ones that the customers purchase from the local drugstores. Buyers can get their drugs, both prescription and over the counter, at astounding prices which are 70% cheaper than the locally purchased meds. And this is only for their branded pharmaceutical products whereas their generic drugs can be bought at much more affordable prices which are cheaper by up to 90% or more than the medicines sold by local drugstore chains and independent pharmacy stores. Among the most popular Canadian pharmacy sites with such great offers is Canada Drugs, a store that has a great number of customers not only from the US but from all over the world as well.

Canada Drugs has been founded for as early as 2001, a time when medicine prices are already high and online pharmacies are not yet a thing. Kris Thorkelson was its founder, a man who saw the great need of patients for alternative medicine sources other than their local pharmacies where drug prices are too costly for most people to afford. He established Canada Drugs back then to help customers from the US obtain cheap medications without having to cross the Canadian border. And it was a success since the need for low-priced medicines in the US is great. The meds that Canada Drugs supply are also of excellent quality just like what the local pharmacies have and nothing is compromised on the customer’s part in substituting their expensive, locally-purchased medicines with the ones that Canada Drugs sell. All of its products are sourced only from drug manufacturers whose plants are GMP-certified and the meds themselves are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for use.


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The good prices and excellent products of Canada Drugs are such a great relief to the customers because not only were they able to save extra money but they are also able to buy enough supply of their needed drugs for their future use. Below are some of the personal reviews given by some customers to Canada Drugs, a reflection of its dependability as an online pharmacy:

Canada Drugs Customer Reviews

Canada Drugs Customer Reviews

Canada Drugs Customer Reviews

Jill Lynn is a long-time customer of Canada Drugs and is already using the website for more than 8 years. Never once was she disappointed with the store in those 8 years and all she can say is she loves to buy her medicines here. Prices are good and quality is also excellent at Canada Drugs and she also adds that the shipping of orders also doesn’t take that long. She also advised her fellow customers to order early so that they don’t risk a lap in their treatments. Jill gave Canada Drugs 5 stars for her superb experience.

The next review is from Diane Marie, a customer who is really pleased with the prices of medicines that she buys at Canada Drugs. What she usually purchases is an inhaler which only costs $74 USD at Canada Drugs, a product that costs $280 USD at local US drugstores. The great savings that she gets is what kept her coming back. She even made a calculation of the amount that she will spend for a year on that particular inhaler and found out that the $500 USD that she will be paying a year at local pharmacies will only be $170 USD at Canada Drugs. Like Jill, she also receives her order in a timely fashion with Canada Drugs’ reliable delivery service.

Canadian Drug Stores

In the world of online pharmacies, Canadian drugstores are simply a notch above the rest because of the great customer experience that they provide to their clients. They are not only best known for the good prices that they have for their pharmaceutical products but they are also excellent when it comes to customer service. Since their clients are from all around the world, their customer service hotlines are open round the clock to make sure that each one of their customers is properly assisted with their concerns. Canadian drugstores can be reached through their customer support hotlines where customer service personnel are always ready to answer. But for clients with no phones, Canadian drugstores can still be reached through live chat or email where they will receive equally prompt responses to their questions.

Online Pharmacy

There is a great difference between shopping medicines at an online pharmacy and buying them at a local drugstore. Online pharmacies are so easy to access since they are on the internet and customers can basically access them anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall

Buyers can simply order the medicines that they need, pay for them online, and have them shipped to their address. On the other hand, local drugstores are physical places that can only be accessed by visiting their exact locations. Customers won’t really be able to order their meds quickly since local pharmacies are known for the long queues of people waiting for their turn to be served by the pharmacist. Ordering meds at online pharmacies save a lot of the customer’s time and gives them the convenience of ordering from wherever they are.

Canada Drugs Winnipeg

Instead of visiting a Canadian drugstore at Winnipeg, Canada, customers can just go online and order their medicines from a Canadian online pharmacy where the range of products and the quality of medications are just the same. Manually visiting a local Canadian pharmacy was the practice in the early days when there were no online pharmacies yet but since reliable Canada drugstores can now be accessed through the web, it’s now easier. Buyers should just be careful to avoid the counterfeit ones which are dangerous.


The customer reviews for Canada Drugs is a reflection of its reliability as an online pharmacy that sells cheap but quality medicines. Buyers are really happy about the good prices of its products which allows them to save a lot of money, contrary to local drugstores where medicines are priced expensively. For other Canadian online pharmacies like Canada Drugs, check our top list of recommended providers.