Canadian Pharmacies Reviews – Prices are Cheap and Customer Service is Great

Of all the online drugstores on the web, the ones with the best reviews are online Canadian pharmacies. They are well known for the affordable medicine costs that they offer and also of the excellent customer service that they always give their clients. Most of their customers are from the US where the drug costs are expensive but their market also extends to other countries as well.

Even before starting out as online pharmacies, Canada drugstores are already known for their cheap drug prices. For as early as the 90’s, senior citizens from the US are already having state-supported field trips across the border for the elderly to buy their meds from the local Canada pharmacy stores. And since the need of the American people for cheap drugs have never decreased but all the more increased with the passing years, online Canadian pharmacies were established to meet their needs. Canadian pharmacies are among the earliest pharmaceutical stores on the web, starting out for as early as 1997. But with their consistent and dependable service, customers have continued to patronize their products up to this day.

Convenience is also one of the reasons why many customers prefer to buy their medications from Canadian pharmacies. Instead of going out to purchase their meds at their nearest local drugstores, they can simply open their computers and access online Canada drugstores through the web. Instead of falling in long lines at the local pharmacies waiting for their prescriptions to be refilled, they can just order the medications that they need with just a few clicks and they’re done. The meds will be shipped to their address or location of choice, saving a lot of their time that they could use for doing other important things. The entire process of ordering at online pharmacies only take a few minutes and ordering through the phone with the assistance of the customer support personnel of these pharmacies are even quicker.

Cheap RX, a Canadian Pharmacy

Compared to the local US drugstores, Canadian pharmacies offer benefits like discounts and freebies to customers which saves more of their hard-earned money. Because of this, buyers are able to purchase plenty of their medications for future use and still manage to save large amounts of money. Below are some of the reviews provided by customers from various Canadian pharmacies and let’s read each one of them:

John from Sweden was at first doubtful about the thought of ordering from online pharmacies such as this Canadian pharmacy but he still decided to try and was proven wrong

John from Sweden was at first doubtful about the thought of ordering from online pharmacies such as this Canadian pharmacy but he still decided to try and was proven wrong. He had a good experience in purchasing his meds and it was delivered to him without any problems or delays. His fears of being scammed were gone and the meds that he received are all effective for the health condition that he has. No prescriptions were also required of him when he bought his meds.

The next review is from Leeroy of Italy who bought his meds from a different Canadian pharmacy

The next review is from Leeroy of Italy who bought his meds from a different Canadian pharmacy. To let the other customers know of the reliability of the Canadian pharmacy site that he is ordering from, he shares his experience of ordering on three separate occasions and he always got his orders. He also didn’t need to wait long for his purchases to arrive, it arrived perfectly on time that he has expected. The packaging of his orders were also good and his meds are intact, handled properly by the couriers. Purchasing the meds at low prices, he was also able to save some of his money.

Another review for a Canadian pharmacy is from Michael of Germany

Another review for a Canadian pharmacy is from Michael of Germany. On this particular Canadian pharmacy that he bought his meds from, he noticed that the prices are low. He even tried comparing these prices with other online pharmacies and found it is one of a kind. Not only are the prices good, but the quality of the products is also commendable. Because of this Canadian pharmacy’s reliability, he became a regular customer. He also shares that he has already made four orders and received each one of them on time and without any delays.

Fight Health Care Fraud and Scams

It’s not easy especially for those who are first-time online pharmacy customers to detect which site is a fraud and which one is not. But even if it is, it’s really important for the customers to know how to detect and fight scams which comes from counterfeit pharmacy websites. One of the best ways to unmask these dangerous websites is to use the help provided by fraud-detection sites. These sites are experts in verifying a website’s legitimacy and their services can be used free of charge. Customers simply need to put the domain name of a pharmacy on their site and verify. The WHOIS record of the said site will appear with all the necessary information and the customers will be able to find out if the site is indeed what it says it is or if it’s a sham.

How Do I Know if an Online Pharmacy is Legitimate?

Buyers should always look for the padlock icon and the https:// on the domain name of the website they’re visiting to prove if it is indeed legitimate. The padlock icon and the https:// means that the site is using SSL encryption to protect the information that they send from being intercepted by outside sources.

SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption

Sites without the SSL encryption expose the unsuspecting customer to a host of other risks online, making them vulnerable to the attacks of fraudulent entities on the web.

What to Know Before Using an Online Pharmacy

If local pharmacies have regulatory bodies that govern them, online pharmacies as well have authorities that govern their existence on the web. What the customers should know before using an online pharmacy is if they are licensed by these authorities to operate.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) is an online pharmacy regulatory body that is responsible for authorizing online pharmacies to operate on the internet. Buyers should always look for license numbers provided by associations like NABP on their online drugstores to make sure of their genuineness.


Customers can always use other customer’s reviews as a reference in deciding which online pharmacy to buy from. And since Canadian pharmacies have excellent reviews, customers can definitely buy their meds from them where the prices are cheap and the customer service is great. Freebies and discounts are also offered in them which are additional savings and perks on the customer’s end. In looking for excellent Canadian pharmacies with good reviews, check our list of top recommended pharmacies.


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