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Alldaychemist Coupon – Get More Than What You Actually Pay For

Alldaychemist Coupon – Get More Than What You Actually Pay For
All Day Chemist Store

All Day Chemist is an online pharmacy from India, a store that has a large range of pharmaceutical products made up of various medicine brands and generics which they offer at very affordable costs. customers are from all around the world, people who are looking for alternative pharmacy stores that sell effective medicines at low costs. Due to the great savings that they offer to their customers (medicine prices which are up to 90% cheaper than local prices), it’s no wonder why it is a sought-after online drugstore. It has a large number of customers coming from Europe and the US, places where medicine prices are high and it is a great relief for them to find internet pharmacies like All Day Chemist which allows them to buy sufficient amounts of their needed meds and still save money. The reason why the products of All Day Chemist are cheap is because the medicines that they sell are sourced directly from GMP-certified pharmaceutical companies. They get the medicines at factory prices which enables them to sell cheaply to their customers.

But on top of the cheap prices that they offer for their products, All Day Chemist also offers additional discounts that can be acquired through the use of coupons. These coupons for All Day Chemist are not found on its site but it is offered by promo websites which are affiliated to it. There are various coupon codes that customers can use to their advantage, giving them additional perks that they could not otherwise obtain at

All Day Chemist Coupons

Above are some of the coupons that customers can use when making a purchase at All Day Chemist. The first coupon is a discount coupon that can only be availed by customers who will be paying using ECheck payments. This coupon is an exclusive coupon that can only be used by customers who will be paying using ECheck and is not available for clients who will be using credit cards. The next available coupon is the Free Shipping coupon which is available to all, allowing customers to have their shipping fees waived once they are able to purchase medicines with a total cost of $150 USD. They simply have to use this coupon at All Day Chemist’s checkout page and the shipping of their orders will automatically become free of charge. This coupon provides additional savings on the customer’s part since shipping fees are not that cheap especially for international orders. The third available coupon is like the first one but it is only available for customers who will be using check or money order. Using this coupon will get customers a discount of $5 USD on their purchases, a good price-off considering the already cheap medicine costs that All Day Chemist offers.

Aside from these discount coupons, All Day Chemist also offers promo codes that will enable the customers to get bonus pills. Buyers simply need to apply these codes at the checkout page and they will get their free pills with their orders. They even offer double pills promo where customers will get two pills for the price of one when they use the special code for it. Customers simply need to look for the best affiliate promo websites of All Day Chemist that offer them.

All Day Chemist Reviews

Testimonials for All Day Chemist

All Day Chemist receive a lot of reviews on a daily basis due to the volume of customers that use its services. Almost all of these testimonials are positive, reflecting the great services that its store offers.

The first one is a 5-star review coming from a user named “jaime” who was thankful for his friend’s referral of the store. After receiving the medicine that he ordered, he was pleased to find out that the ones that are being sold by All Day Chemist are just the same as the ones that can be bought in the States but are way cheaper. He was able to buy his drugs for only a fraction of its cost at the local US drugstores. He was also surprised to find that even though his orders are shipped from outside the US, it only took 2 weeks before his medicines arrived which is pretty quick.

The next review was from a client named “Boyd” who is a regular customer to All Day Chemist. Due to him being a long-time customer, he has proven that all the medicines he’s getting have always been “legit and genuine”. He’s also amazed at how the shipment of the orders has improved from three weeks waiting time to only two weeks, saving his time. Although pleased with his overall experience, “Boyd” only gave a 4-star review for the store due to the fact that All Day Chemist does not sell opioid pain medications.

Is All Day Chemist Safe?

All Day Chemist is a 100% safe website to visit and customers don’t have to worry about their online security. It is a genuine site that is protected by the DMCA or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which is a proof that it is a legitimate online pharmacy. It can also be seen on its domain name that All Day Chemist uses https:// instead of HTTP://. The difference between the two is that https:// is secure and HTTP:// is not, putting customers at great risks. Https:// stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, a guarantee from the internet itself that its site protects customers from the harmful entities on the web.

All Day Chemist Prescription

Unlike local pharmacies where it is mandatory for customers to provide prescriptions every time they purchase their prescription meds, All Day Chemist does not require it. Its customers can order prescription medicines and proceed to the checkout page without having to fax or send any prescriptions to them which is convenient to the buyers. Since prescriptions cost money, taking it out of the process of ordering enables the buyers to get more savings. Purchasing without prescriptions is also easier, helping clients finish ordering within just a few minutes.


With the coupons that can be used to get additional discounts and perks at All Day Chemist, customers get more than what they actually pay for. The medicines at All Day Chemist are already cheap and with the use coupon codes, they may get double of the pills that they ordered or have great discounts on their purchases. These coupons can be found at All Day Chemist’s affiliate promo sites and are free to use. For other online pharmacies which are as excellent as All Day Chemist, check our top list of recommended providers.