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Best Canadian Online Pharmacy – The Risks and Benefits of Trusting a Canadian Online Pharmacy

A quick search on the internet about Canadian Pharmacy will surely give you hundreds of Canadian pharmacies, or so they call themselves. The truth is, not all online pharmacies that say they are Canadian pharmacies are operating from Canada and are selling Canadian drugs.

Best Canadian Online Pharmacy - The Risks and Benefits of Trusting a Canadian Online Pharmacy
A Logo of a Canadian Online Pharmacy

In the late 2000s, the anonymous nature of the World Wide Web allowed more people to create fake Canadian online pharmacies, leading to more activities that are fraudulent. These scamming websites are not under the US jurisdiction or law hence the federal government of US cannot prosecute them, even if more and more US citizens are suffering and dying from ingesting fake and substandard medicines sold by scamming Canadian online pharmacies. This is the reason why today, you should remain vigilant when choosing an online pharmacy to trust.

How would you know if you are dealing with a real Canadian pharmacy or not? Here are some of the simple steps that you can take to identify a legit and safe Canadian online pharmacy to deal with:

  • Look for a Pharmacy Checker approved online pharmacy
  • Look for CIPA and MIPA approved online pharmacy
  • Look for an online pharmacy that has licensed doctors on duty or any licensed healthcare professional that can answer your wuerries
  • Look for an online pharmacy that has an address and a verifiable telephone number
  • Look for an online pharmacy with verifiable customer reviews

There are too many factors that you can check and use as a red flag in determining if an internet drugstore is real or not. After searching the web and reading reviews, we compiled a list of recommended online pharmacies that you can check and one of them is Online-Pills Pharmacy.

Online Pills Pharmacy

Online-pills is a 17-year-old internet drugstore that is operating from Canada. It in fact true that not all drugs sold by Canadian pharmacies are made in Canada. However, Online Pills can say that all of their medicines are safe and of high quality.

Online-Pills Store

Online Pills offer generic and branded medicines and they offer at the lowest price possible. According to their FAQ page, they can offer their medicines at a very low price because they are directly buying it from its manufacturers. Online Pills is based in Canada yet the majority of their medicines are from Indian pharmaceutical companies like their generic erectile dysfunction drugs. All medicines from India are Indian FDA approved. As for the medicines from the US, these are FDA approved while all Canadian drugs on their shelves are MIPA and CIPA approved.

For their bestsellers, they have Viagra, Levita, Cialis, Clomid, Doxycycline, Propecia, Prednisone, Amoxil, Zithromax, Cytotec, Kamagra, Cipro, Propranolol, Zoloft, Lasix, and Tadapox. Online Pills offers different brands of generic medications such as different brands of erectile dysfunction medicine and different generic brands of hair loss treatment. For the price, Online-Pills offer cheap medicines. One of their cheapest is generic Viagra at $0.27 per pill and generic Clomid at $0.44 per pill. They also offer generic Propecia for $0.51 per tablet and Amoxil for $0.39 per tablet.

Online Pills Reviews

Since we are looking for a reliable online pharmacy that we can trust and Online Pills has been in the industry for the last 17 years, we decided to stick with it and check its reviews. We believe that a customer review is the best way to check the consistency and quality of service of a certain store. After carefully searching the internet, here are some of the customer reviews that we gathered from the different verified customers of Online Pills.

Online Pills Customer Reviews

The testimonial of Leeroy from Italy was the first customer review we found. Leeroy revealed that he was a loyal customer of Online Pills and he is at his third order. He said he never waited long for his orders to arrive and everything is always packed fine. Leeroy added that he is continuously saving money because of Online-pills and its affordable medicines.

The second review we found was shared by Charles who now preferred ordering his medicine online than going to the nearest drugstore in his area. Charles said that the gifts sealed his decision. Another customer from Austria also shared her joy after finding Online Pills because of its affordable prices.

As for David, the effectiveness of the pills he received from this online pharmacy showed that these are real drugs. The last review we found was shared by Michael who believe that Online-Pills do offer best priced medicines. He also believe in the quality of the medicines he is receiving from this store.

Indeed, the customer reviews we found for this internet dispensary explains why they lasted for 17 years.

How to Order from a Canadian Online Pharmacy

Ordering from an online pharmacy is easy. Most online pharmacies distribute Rx medicines even to customers without a prescription, making it easier for anyone to order the medicine they need without paying a consultation fee. In most Canadian online pharmacies, ordering can be as follows:

  • Go to the Canadian online pharmacy of your choice and create an account
  • Search for the medicine you need, click on it and it on your cart
  • Choose your shipping method
  • Choose your payment method
  • Input your delivery address
  • Pay your order by selecting checkout
  • Wait for your order to arrive

Before making these process, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the e-store you are dealing. Even Online Pills has the same steps in when it comes to processing an order, making the ordering process easier for everyone.


Ordering drugs from a Canadian online pharmacy has its risks and benefits. You can maximize your benefit if you know what to look for in an online pharmacy. If you are not sure if you are dealing with a legit online pharmacy, check our list of recommended online pharmacies like Online-Pills. Do not trust online pharmacies that promise low-priced medicine but reveals limited information about their company. Always trust your instinct and always take time to read and do some research before clicking your mouse to check out!