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Canadian Pharmacies Online – Pharmacies Which are Among the Best in the Business

Canadian online pharmacies are among the best in the business. Canadian online pharmacies have started out small but because of the quality of the products and the services that they provide, they have gradually become popular not only in the Canadian population but also to customers all around the world. Canada-based pharmacy sites are actually the first ones in the business, starting out for as early as 1997, a time when online purchasing of medicines are not yet as popular as it is now.

Some people might think that there’s no difference between purchasing meds at a local pharmacy and an online one but the difference is actually great. To most people, visiting local pharmacies are no problem because it’s just a drive away and very effortless to do. But to people who live in remote areas, at great distances from the nearest pharmacies, online pharmacies are a great relief. They simply open their computers, connect to the internet and order the meds they need and even make the payments online. The online pharmacies will then be delivering their orders right at their homes, a very effortless experience. This is also perfect for the elderly and the handicapped as ordering medicines online won’t take so much out of them compared when they do it locally. There would be no need for them to drag themselves to their nearest pharmacies as online drugstores will be delivering their medicines right at their doorstep.

Like most local drugstores, Canadian pharmacies which are online also have a comprehensive assortment of medicines where the customers will find all the medicines that they will ever need and more. Compared to the local stores which don’t have a complete assortment of the more affordable generics of the expensive prescription and over-the-counter drugs, Canadian online pharmacies have them, providing customers cheaper and similarly effective options to choose from. Generic medicines are not the only drugs that can be purchased at cheap prices at the Canadian online pharmacies but also their branded medicines. Customers will be able to purchase their expensive meds for only 15% of the original price that they spend when going local.

The products that the Canadian online pharmacies sell may be affordable but these drugs are no pushovers.

Good Manufacturing Practice Logo

They only source their products from GMP-certified pharmaceutical companies that ensure the medicines that they sell are only made from state-of-the-art manufacturing plants for the buyer’s safety. All of their medicines are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which guarantee the customers that all of them are safe for use and effective. The only reason why their products are much affordable than other stores is because they get their medicines directly from pharma companies and not through distributors. With this direct transaction, middle parties that mark the prices up are eliminated, enabling the Canadian online pharmacies to sell their meds at factory prices.

Canadian Pharmacies Online Legitimate

But with the growth of the Canadian pharmacies in the online scene, the number of fake and scam Canada drugstores also grew, causing confusion to many customers. These scammer-run sites are only after the customer’s card and personal details, using them for illegal activities, mostly theft. These fraudsters are very clever to imitate the interface of the legitimate online Canadian pharmacies to every detail, deceiving most unsuspecting customers. But for customers to avoid these fraudulent sites, they should just look for the CIPA Rx and MIPA emblems on a pharmacy site claiming to be of Canadian origin.


CIPA stands for Canadian International Pharmacy Association while MIPA stands for Manitoba International Pharmacists Association. These are pharmacy groups that help the customers identify the fake from the real, helping them avoid getting scammed or sent fake medicines which are very dangerous. Whenever customers will be browsing for Canadian pharmacies to get medicines from, they should always look for those emblems to make sure that they are in the right place.

Canadian Pharmacies Online Reviews

Here are some of the reviews that I have found from people who were satisfied with their experience in transacting with Canadian online pharmacy:

“Easy to place order and promptly processed.”

– Kaiman, United Kingdom

Kaiman is quite pleased with the ease that he has experienced in placing his orders at a Canadian online pharmacy. Their websites are known to be neatly organized and user-friendly, and everything that the customers will ever need is accessible with a click of the mouse or a tap from a mobile device. His orders were processed quickly after he made the transaction and was dispatched shortly for delivery.

“Much savings to be had shopping here instead of going to a local drug store. They also have free gifts when you order!”

– Charles, Germany

Online Pills, Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

Charles compares his experience with purchasing at a local drugstore and buying his meds at a Canadian online pharmacy and finds that he saves more money in buying online. Not only is he delighted with the affordable prices of the products but he is also happy with the freebies that came with his orders.

Canadian Pharmacies Online Viagra

Viagra 100 mg (Sildenafil Citrate)

Erectile dysfunction (ED) meds are the most popular products that Canadian online pharmacies have. These products are constantly at the top of their bestsellers list because of the great demand for them. The ED pill that is most commonly bought by the consumers is Viagra, also known as Sildenafil Citrate. Viagra helps men with ED achieve erections which makes them functional in sex. Canadian online pharmacies have both the branded version of this drug which is manufactured by Pfizer and its generics which are manufactured by other pharma companies. The generics can be bought for as low as $0.70 for each pill while the branded one can be purchased for $9 to $10 USD for each tablet.

Generic Viagra Price


Canadian online pharmacies are great alternatives to purchasing medicines locally because of the great savings that the customers will get in purchasing from them. They have a complete array of generic and branded drugs, all at cheap prices. Reviews for them are also great, coming from satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of getting their meds from them. Consider checking our List of Recommended Pharmacies that contains credible Canadian Pharmacies.