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Discount Pet Medication USA: A Drug Shop for Dogs and Cats is a drugs vendor specializing in medications towards dogs and cats health care. The drugstore operates from the United States of America and has been around for a decade now. The store has an excellent reputation for quality and authentic products. The products on sale are sourced from multiple sources around the world. Notable sources include Europe, South Africa, and Australia besides others being locally sourced from leading veterinary drug makers.

All the drugs sold by Discount pet medication are branded that all have the USA as their labeled location including those from abroad. They do not deal with generics. From products designed to counter ticks and fleas to those indicated for deworming, form the range of merchandise in the drugstore. MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are all the accepted forms through which you can pay for your orders from the drugstore. Once you purchase your products, will arrange for shipping. They guarantee a 24-hour order processing the world. Delivery depends on the shipping service chosen by the customer. The vendor assures its customers of secure shopping at all times.

The drugstore has customer reward system through various approaches. Some of the schemes employed by to appreciate its clientele include the use of offers, discounts on products and conditional free shipping programmes. Customers also qualify for coupons on goods above $100. Loyalty points are given in case of purchases, account opening, sharing the firm on social media as well on occasions like birthdays. These points can be redeemed for products. has robust customer support through which clients can seek inquiries or clarifications. Customers can call or email their concerns where need be. The details of customers are guaranteed privacy as required by the privacy act of 1998. A 30-day return policy covers all products meaning you can ship back the products if you are not satisfied and get your refund. However, because of selling branded products only, the prices may be out of rich for those looking for cheaper goods and may find alternatives from competitors that sell generics.

Discount Pet Medication USA Reviews

Customer reviews are critical because they give a sneak preview of any product’s efficacy or a company’s services. Most prospective customers use testimonies from other customers to help them make an informed decision. Positive customer reviews may be the gate to many fortunes of more sales and client referrals. Negative reviews, on the other hand, may put off potential customers. Simply, customer reviews are useful in shaping opinions and influencing vital decisions.

Discount Pet Medication Client Reviews

Discount Pet Medication Client Reviews

Rick from the USA says he has been purchasing medications for his cats for a long time now with the vendor and he has never encountered any problem. This review gives confidence to the vendor as a reliable online drugstore.

Discount Pet Medication Customer Complaints

Discount Pet Medication Customer Complaints

The second customer seems not satisfied at all by the services of the vendor. According to him, he received what he did not order for and got no response from the support team forcing to take his frustrations online.

You should at all times be keen when purchasing products online as this will shield you from unethical practices but you should not write off suppliers simply for bad customer review. You can pair customer reviews with expert advice make an informed decision.

Sierra Pet Meds Australia is a subsidiary of It operates in Australia and runs its operations in the exact ways. Their websites have the same design as well as the same information for their customers. just like sell only brand medications for cats and dogs and sources its products from USA, South Africa, and Europe. It accepts MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal as payment methods. The rewards include loyalty points, coupons, and shipping offers among other forms of customer appreciation. customer base spans the whole world where it ships most orders. Australian customers are its environs can order and receive their deliveries much faster because of the proximity. They claim to offer quality products that meet the international veterinary standards with competitive prices. Review

The available customer testimonies for are encouragingly positive. Most clients seem satisfied with their products. David says that the shipping is quite fast and their prices are fair. He goes ahead to recommend it to any other interested person.

Sierrapetmeds Reviews

The positive review should not be construed to mean an endorsement of the product. We give information that will enlighten you more and help you make a more informed decision.

Discount Pet Medication Phone Number is open to customer feedback and inquiries. There are some ways through which you can contact the vendor, which includes the use of emails and postal address. You can also visit their website through which you can leave your message on a form that has been provided. The form will prompt you for your contact address. The vendor has does not have a direct phone number available to customers as an alternative contact.

Summary is a drugstore that sells drugs for dogs and cats. The facility has subsidiaries in the UK, USA and Australia among other nations. The vendor has been in business for nine years now. It only deals with brand medications. Its customer base spans across the globe. Customer appreciation programs include offers, discounts, coupons, and loyalty points among others. Accepted payment modes include PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, and visa.

When buying drugs from an online drugstore, it is vital to trade with a credible vendor with proven history reliability. You can always check with our Top rated stores.