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Heart Disease At 30

Jacob was on holiday with his family when he suddenly developed tightness in his chest. He thought nothing of it, being only thirty four. His wife suggested he may have eaten something that upset him. However, the tightness did not go away the following day. It was accompanied by dizziness and nausea, unusual fatigue and shortness of breath. He decided to pay a visit to a general physician down the street. Hours later, the physician had him rushed to a cardiac unit in the city for a more thorough check up and soon, he was lying in the I. C. U. awaiting his turn for open heart surgery. He had all the heart disease symptoms. The scan had revealed some major blockages.

What Jacobs wife could not understand is why he developed heart disease suddenly and at such a young age. There had never been any problems like this ever before. He had never shown any heart disease symptoms. As a young man, Jacob had been an athlete. There was no history of heart disease in the family. He had never even needed a general check up ever before. Palpitations are a major cause of heart disease. Jacob had never complained of having them. Palpitations are an unusual awareness of the heartbeat. It can be a rapid heartbeat or skips in the heart beat. Basically it signifies an irregular beat.

Doctors later helped Jacob and his wife to understand what exactly might have led to his heart disease. He had always been athletic and exercising all the time. Until about four years ago, he had been slim and had had time for the gym on a regular basis. His wife used to cook a healthy meal at home. Then he got a job in Florida and it was a hectic one. There was no time to eat well and exercise. He had gained a lot of weight suddenly and had also began to smoke.

After the operation, Jacob would have to be careful about his diet. There would be no smoking at all. He would have to have regular walks. There is a new study that suggests that the best fish oil when consumed can keep your heart healthy. Jacob would now have to consume fish oil or the supplements. The omega-3 fatty acid present in the best fish oil can protect the heart.