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Jupiter Pharmacy: Is the Pharmacy Legit?

Jupiter pharmacy is an online pharmacy that has its location in the united states. According to the information on their domain address, the pharmacy has been in operation for more than two years now. The pharmacy does not have a lot of information on their about page that could help anyone figure out what they do. However, on their homepage, we able to find a variety of medications that they usually sell. These include ADHD medications, Antidepressants, Anti-flu, anti-anxiety medications, Blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, diabetes, gastro health, Erectile dysfunction meds and more.

As more people continue to realize that the best chances to save money on their medications exist online, more scammers are cropping up. What scammers do is that they will set up a website that resembles a store and use it to lie to people. The major goal that a scammer will have is to steal from people and never deliver the drugs that you pay for. In this article, we intend to find out whether Jupiter pharmacy can be trusted or not.

Jupiter Pharmacy Reviews

The best way through which anyone can know whether a pharmacy is safe or rogue without utilizing their services is only by checking what previous users had to say about the pharmacy. Any reputable pharmacy should have numerous reviews. If it is a good pharmacy, the bigger percentage of the reviews should be positive. Jupiter pharmacy did not seem to have any reviews. However, after digging for a long time, we were able to locate one review. Here is the review:

Jupiter Pharmacy User Review

Jupiter Pharmacy User Review

David Stallings says that it is better to stay away from Jupiter pharmacy. After ordering from them and paying, he did not hear from them even after waiting for three months. His order was only partially shipped. After the three months of chasing them, he finally decided to report them to his bank. It was only after he had told them that he will get a refund if they did not ship his meds that they promised to ship his drugs. He says that the pharmacy will give you a runaround.

The above Jupiter Pharmacy user appears to be very angered by the pharmacy. They shipped his drugs partially. This happened after he had told them that he will ask for a refund if they failed to ship his drugs. Given that this is the only review that we came across, we would advise you to be very careful when dealing with Jupiter Pharmacy. But, is the pharmacy legit?

Jupiter Pharmacy Legit

By a legit pharmacy, it means that the pharmacy is operating within the confines of the law. It means that they are following the law and delivering quality medications on time. Legit pharmacies are usually accredited by VIPPS which is the program that regulates internet pharmacies. When we checked VIPPS list of accredited pharmacies, we could not find Jupiter Pharmacy. Another regulatory body that focuses on making sure that online drug stores sell genuine drugs is CIPA. This is a Canadian organization. When we checked for Jupiter Pharmacy, here is what we got:

Jupiter Pharmacy CIPA

Jupiter Pharmacy CIPA

The report above states that Jupiter Pharmacy does not appear in the CIPA member Database. This shows that there are not one of their members.

LegitScript clearly states that Jupiter Pharmacy is a rogue pharmacy. They claim that they have viewed the internet pharmacy and determined that it does not meet LegitScript internet pharmacy verification standards. They also state that the pharmacy has met their definition of a rogue internet pharmacy.

From all the above reports, it is very clear that Jupiter Pharmacy does not meet the standards of a legal internet pharmacy. This means that there is a high possibility of the pharmacy being illegal. This means that if you are to use the pharmacy, you need to be very cautious.

Medical Supply Store Jupiter

In the medical supplies store, we noticed a number of medications that were being sold by the pharmacy. These ranged from Erectile dysfunction medications such as Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra to ADHD drugs such as Valium and Amphetamine. The site was also selling Xanax which is the medication that is used to treat anxiety disorders. In general, there were numerous drugs in their store according to their website.

Although these drugs might seem to be real on their website, from the evidence that we have already looked at above, it is clear that this pharmacy is not the one that you would order and trust that they will deliver your drugs to you. They have been listed as a rogue pharmacy by two different programs. Instead of risking your life, we would like you to consider trusting pharmacies that have been validated by experts to offer high-quality medications. These pharmacies are already available on the list of vendors that we suggest to you.


Jupiter Pharmacy is an online pharmacy that is most likely located in the United States. This store offers a variety of drugs. According to the evidence that we have just looked at, it is clear that this is not the type of pharmacy that you would want to trust. They have been listed as rogue online drug vendor. This tells you that their legitimacy is questionable.

You still have a chance to get genuine medications delivered to you. To do this, you will need to place your order in a respectable pharmacy. The pharmacies that we place in our catalog and award them the top-rated status have been determined to offer the best drugs and quick delivery services.