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Major Signs and Symptoms On Having Low Cholesterol Level

The cholesterol is a very essential component required for functioning of the whole body correctly. Around 25 % of the total needed amount of cholesterol is extracted directly from the various food products you ate and remaining 75 % of the cholesterol is produced in the body through an organ named liver. It is a must component for the body but if it becomes too high then it can also create problems for you. Hence only an appropriate amount of cholesterol is necessary and must for the body.

If for any reasons it get high in the body then many unwanted symptoms appears. The more common problems related to that of cholesterol levels of the blood are stroke, heart attack and heart disease. Sometime the low cholesterol can show sever signs and symptoms. Some low cholesterol symptoms are mentioned below.

There might not be very obvious symptoms and signs of low cholesterol. However the anxiety disorder and depression are the major symptoms shown by the body of those people who suffers from the low cholesterol problems.

Sometime when the symptoms like depression or anxiety are not present instead the severe symptoms are there then it is suggested to simply conduct a blood test in order to identify the amount of cholesterol and also to know that whether it is low or not.

How we can easily reduce bad cholesterol level

In order to reduce the high level of cholesterol some food can play vital role. However there are some of the medications / treatments which are also given to the patients by the doctors in order to reduce the excessive amount of cholesterol.

Smoking, diabetes and obesities can be a major factor responsible for the bad cholesterol level in the body so first of all you need to set a target of your to reduce the factors causing bad cholesterol.

You can also modify about the type of lifestyle that you are living in. It is necessary in order to control the various factors related to it.

Regular physical activity is also very important in order to reduce the excessive amount of cholesterol. Sometime lowering down the saturated food can also lower down the level of blood cholesterol and you should also try doing this. Hence you can reduce bad cholesterol.

The factors like eating high amount of fish and fiber are also very important in order to reduce the cholesterol level. Moderate amount of alcohol, eating the reasonable amount of green tea, and regular consumption of nuts are some of the other important factors to be considered for reducing the level of cholesterol in the body.