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No Prescription On Line Pharmacies

We all know what prescription drugs are. They are drugs that require a doctor’s prescription before a pharmacy can sell them to you. The prescription points to the fact that you have been adequately observed by a licensed doctor and the drug which a prescription has been written for is safe for you to use. Prescription drugs require a prescription because they are strong drugs and are used for the treatment of severe health cases. They also require a prescription because they are new and their effects have not been fully ascertained. So, a prescription helps to ensure the safe use of these drugs. Without that, they would be abused and since they are strong drugs they may cause a whole lot of havoc to the body system. Let’s just say a prescription helps to put the use of certain drugs under a measure of control. On like over the counter drugs are known as OTCs which do not require a doctor’s prescription since they are common and do not treat severe health issues. They are used to treat common and mild ailments like a headache, fever etc. This implies that they are mild drugs that can cause little to no havoc to the health. These drugs are also popularly known and are available in various brand names which point to the fact that people are conversant with their use and effects. Now, the problem patients have with prescription drugs is the fact that it may be time-consuming to get a prescription. Some people also feel shy sharing their health challenges with their physician. Like in the case of erectile dysfunction, we have seen cases where patients would do anything to keep it private. These patients who find it hard to share their health challenges with a physical doctor tend to look for options like getting prescription drugs online from pharmacies which offer them without a prescription. But is this safe? What pharmacies sell prescription drugs without a prescription? We would be addressing these inquisitions in this article.

Pharmacy without Prescription

There are a lot of online pharmacies that sell both prescription and non-prescription drugs. Getting one amongst these online pharmacies that sell prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription is not a problem. In fact getting such pharmacy is just one click away. All you need is to do a quick search on any search engine and series of pharmacies that can sell prescription drugs to you without a prescription would surface. But just before you do that you might want to know that any online pharmacy that sells a prescription drug to you without a prescription is an illegitimate pharmacy and does not operate in accordance to the state and federal laws governing pharmacies. Such pharmacies never have the accreditation of the appropriate agencies, they sell unapproved and counterfeit drugs, they also sell their drugs at ridiculously low prices. In a nutshell, an online pharmacy that sells prescription drugs without a prescription cannot be trusted and should not be patronized.

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We are saying this because they often ship out drugs that contain harmful ingredients to you since they are not regulated and they also often have no reliable customer support that you could call to drop your query. You end up wasting your resources and the worst of all is that your health deteriorates and worsens with the use of these counterfeits, causing health issues that were not initially there. So if you want to get a prescription drug online and you don’t have a doctor’s prescription, it is better you make use of websites online that have licensed professionals and offer the service of writing you a prescription. This sites often ask you to fill a questionnaire which would allow their medical professionals know if the drug you desire to purchase is appropriate for you. If it is, the doctor writes you a prescription, passes it to the pharmacist, and your drug is shipped to you. They may also allow you speak to their physician. Simple as that! Don’t fall prey to unlicensed online pharmacies, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

Non-Prescription Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian pharmacies are widely known for selling quality meds. They are also known for selling prescription drugs at affordable rates. As a matter of fact, many thousands of patients from the US have patronized Canadian pharmacies for their affordable prices. And as long as they make their purchases from a licensed Canadian pharmacy; no bad reports or experiences.

Trust Pharmacy, a Canadian Pharmacy

Trust Pharmacy, a Canadian Pharmacy

You should know a licensed Canadian pharmacy would be accredited by CIPA and VIPPS and none of the pharmacies approved by these agencies can sell prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription as it is not in accordance with the law and the licensure requirements. In other words, any Canadian pharmacy that sells a prescription drug without a doctor’s prescription should be avoided to safeguard yourself and your family.

Non-Prescription Online Pharmacy India

We all know India for being the master of generics. Their pharmaceutical market is so competitive that prices of drugs are low which can be associated with the fact that the government does not allow the patenting of drugs. So to meet the competition, pharmaceutical companies have to drop their prices. Indian pharmaceutical companies also manufacture prescription meds. And these prescription meds are also low in price. The thing with Indian pharmacies is that they often sell the generics of prescription drugs which do not need a doctor’s prescription. This is why many people always comment that it is easy, cheap, and fast to make orders from Indian pharmacies. However, be careful so you do not make orders from an illegitimate pharmacy. Check our top list of recommended pharmacies.


Buying prescription meds online has become a great option for many people who do not want to go through the process of getting a prescription from their doctor. However, websites that sell prescription meds without a prescription are illegitimate and should be avoided for your own safety. For the pharmacies that you can trust, check our top list of recommended pharmacies. And do not forget to beware of scammers.