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Overseas Online Pharmacy No Prescription: Is it Legitimate?

Due to the increased price of prescription drugs and the inability of many people to afford insurance covers to help them in paying for medications, a lot of people are in desperate search of places they can get the drugs they need to survive at cheap prices. Overseas online pharmacies have been relied upon by many people to supply drugs at a price that is cheaper than the price of the drugs in local pharmacies.

Pharmacy Mall is one of the overseas online pharmacies that will sell original medication without a prescription. These drugs will work in the same way as the drugs bought from local pharmacies and you, therefore, have no reason to fear when making your purchases. Those customers who suffer from complications such as erectile dysfunction and are afraid of facing a doctor for a prescription can be able to log into the website of this reliable pharmacy, place their order and have it delivered to their doorstep in a discreet pack.

Overseas online pharmacies have made the process of ordering quite easy and most importantly, they do not ask for a prescription in order to dispense the drugs. You will simply log into their website, search if the drug you wish to buy is in stock, and if it is, you will add it to your cart, pay for it, and it will be shipped to your destination of choice.

Most overseas online pharmacies sell drugs at very cheap prices and they will also offer huge discounts in order to appeal to more customers. Some of them will even deliver the drugs for free which is another way of ensuring that a customer will keep buying drugs from them. He will be saved from spending money on transportation in search of drugs at local pharmacies and the time as well.

Pharmacy Mall, one of the overseas online pharmacy that will not require a prescription

How to Identify a Rogue Overseas Online Pharmacy

Below are ways in which you can identify a rogue online pharmacy:

  • The pharmacy does not have a certificate of approval from bodies that control the operations of online pharmacies. Such bodies include CIPA, VIPPS, among others.
  • The price of the drugs being sold at the pharmacy is too low; if you discover that a pharmacy’s prices are too good to be true, do not buy from them as the drugs could be fake.
  • If the drugs being sold at the pharmacy are not labeled; every legit manufacturer has a responsibility of putting a label on any drugs that get into the market. If a pharmacy is selling drugs that have not met this requirement, you would not even know what you are buying and you should, therefore, keep off.
  • The overseas online pharmacy has not indicated their physical location; any legit online pharmacy should clearly indicate where its headquarters are located and must be licensed to offer the services of a pharmacy before selling drugs online.
  • The pharmacy will keep sending you spam emails after your first contact with them in an attempt to persuade you to buy from them.
  • In addition to selling prescription drugs, the pharmacy will also sell illegal drugs; according to the rules that govern online pharmacies, a legitimate pharmacy should not sell illegal drugs.
  • A rogue pharmacy will not guarantee the safety of your private details; rogue pharmacies have not encrypted their website and it would be easy for cybercriminals to access your private details and commit fraudulent activities.

How to Order from Overseas Online Pharmacies

How to Order from Overseas Online Pharmacies

The first step for safe purchase from overseas online pharmacies is to identify a reliable pharmacy to buy from. Look for a verified pharmacy that only deals with legally permitted drugs and buy from them.

Once you have identified a legit pharmacy, you will search if the drug you wish to buy is in stock and if it is, you will click on it, select the dose and the quantity you wish to buy and add it to cart. If you are buying more than one drug, you will search for the next drug until you have all the drugs you want in your shopping cart.

Press the checkout icon and the billing section will appear where you will fill in the details of the payment method you wish to use and provide details that will be used in the shipping.

When the payment is approved, the drugs will be shipped either through standard mail or through express mail. You will be notified of the shipping progress until you receive the drugs. After receiving the drugs:

  • Check the expiry date on the package to ensure that the drugs are not expired.
  • Check to ensure that the seal has not been tampered with. If it has do not use the drugs
  • Check the pills to ensure that they have a similar appearance with the drugs sold at local pharmacies
  • Ensure that the package of the drugs is the same as that in local pharmacies.
  • If the drugs have been tampered with, do not take them as they will lead to adverse side effects.

Some overseas online pharmacies will accept the return of drugs if they are delivered in poor condition. You should find this out before you make any purchases so that in case the drugs are damaged while in transit, they will be returned to the pharmacy. If this is not the case, you will have to bear the loss and incur an extra expenditure of purchasing other drugs.

Is it Legal to Buy from Overseas Online Pharmacies?

Is it Legal to Buy from Overseas Online Pharmacies?

Buying drugs from overseas online pharmacies will save you a lot of money as the drugs are cheaper and the process of purchasing is also easy. You will also be able to conduct the process in private and no one will have to know the health complication you are suffering from.

To be safe, you must always ensure that you consult a doctor so that you will not have to contend with the illegality of buying prescription drugs without a valid prescription.

Buy from a pharmacy that does not practice illegalities like selling illegal drugs is also a good way of ensuring that you will not be part of any evil. If you follow the right procedure, you will get your drugs and you will not have broken any law.


Overseas online pharmacies have been supplying a lot of people with original medication to aid in treating various complications. People who suffer from conditions such as erectile dysfunction benefit from overseas online pharmacies where they are able to buy drugs that would be difficult to find at local pharmacies. Always remain watchful so that you only buy for legit pharmacies and not from rogue pharmacies which sell fake medication. You can refer to our list of Top Online Pharmacies to help you in identifying legitimate pharmacies.