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Overseas Pharmacy List

The importance of overseas pharmacies to many US-based patients cannot be overemphasized as several US patients have been involved in buying drugs from pharmacies overseas for the main reason of lowering the cost incurred on medications. As you definitely know we are in times prices of drugs are on the increase in the United States. Therefore, patients look for avenues to save on their medications. And the most open avenue is buying drugs from overseas pharmacies online. Overseas pharmacies sell brand-name drugs at a substantially lower price than the price common with US pharmacies, certain drugs can be found in overseas pharmacies but not in US pharmacies, and some drugs that require prescriptions do not require a prescription in pharmacies overseas. However, the US FDA advises that patients should not get drugs from pharmacies overseas may not be safe. Yet patients continue in this act as they feel the money they save is worth the risk. But note that if you end up buying from an unsafe overseas pharmacy it would not be worth the risk. This is because harmful drugs could be shipped out to you, your personal information could be sold, and your financial information compromised. After reading this article you would be able to make the right decision on buying drugs from pharmacies overseas.

Buying Prescriptions from Pharmacies Overseas

Buying prescription meds from overseas is possible. Some people cross the border to Mexico or Canada to buy their prescription meds cheaply. Some easily go online to buy them from pharmacies overseas. This implies that it is possible to buy drugs overseas without having troubles with the authorities. However, you have to ensure you do not buy any controlled substance as this would be flagged by the authorities. Also, ensure you avoid buying supplies that are beyond 90 days which implies that you limit your purchase to 90 pills. If it exceeds 90 pills you might be flagged because the cap is 3o pills, anything beyond that won’t be regarded for personal use. Also, note that you would need a prescription to buy prescription medications from overseas pharmacies. Any pharmacy overseas that sells prescription drugs without requesting a prescription should not be trusted. You should also read reviews about the pharmacy before you make an order from the pharmacy as the customer reviews would help you ascertain the quality of their services. Additionally, you can put a call through to them to ask a few questions to confirm if they have licensed medical practitioners, their accreditations, and to determine their legitimacy. If you are not satisfied don’t try them out.

Buying ED Meds from Pharmacies Overseas

ED meds like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are often bought from overseas pharmacies. This is because ED drugs are also not left out of the drugs that are cheaper in pharmacies abroad. ED drugs are highly sought-after drugs. They are widely used by millions of men suffering from erectile issues. Many men buy these drugs from pharmacies overseas because they are on the high side in the US. Many men have saved a great amount of money buying them from pharmacies overseas. However, note that not all of them ended up being happy doing so. While some were delighted with the outcome of trying overseas pharmacies, some were in regret. For this reason, we advise that you take the decision of buying your ED meds from pharmacies overseas carefully, so you don’t end up in regret.

Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis Image

Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis Image

Some overseas pharmacies may ship products that have low active ingredients, too many active ingredients, no active ingredients at all or harmful ingredients. Either of this could complicate your condition. So, while ED drugs may be cheaper in overseas pharmacies, ensure the pharmacy is professional and reliable in shipping authentic products and sticking to the standards common to top-notch pharmacies.

Safe Canadian Pharmacies CIPA

Canadian pharmacies are the most commonly patronized overseas pharmacies. For over a decade, US patients have made the purchase of their drugs from Canada. Many of the patients who do so have been satisfied and happy while some have been disappointed. The ones that were satisfied apparently made the purchase from Canadian pharmacies that are legitimate while the dissatisfied patients that made their purchases from illegitimate Canadian pharmacies. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) has done something great by releasing a list of legitimate Canadian Licensed pharmacies to help patients buy drugs from Canada without fear. All the pharmacies on the list dropped are certified legitimate and safe. Check a screenshot of the list below

List of Safe Canadian Pharmacies Image

List of Safe Canadian Pharmacies Image

This effort made by CIPA has not be made by even the FDA which has always discouraged patients from buying their meds from Canada claiming that it is dangerous and highly risky to their health. Well, now you can keep your mind at rest now that you know the list of legit online pharmacies in Canada. We advise that you also check our top list of recommended pharmacies to help you see a comprehensive list of pharmacies that sell authentic drugs, uphold FDA standards, and offer the cheapest of prices.


Buying drugs from overseas pharmacies has been the escape route from the exorbitant drug prices in the US. Some patients would say all thanks to these pharmacies because there is absolutely no way they could have afforded to buy the drugs prescribed by their doctors. It is important you ensure the pharmacy overseas you patronize is legit and trustable. From what you have read in this article that should not be a problem any longer. In the end, you should be able to buy from great pharmacies overseas. However, always bear in mind that it is risky! Do not forget to check our top list of online pharmacies, it would help you in locating trustable pharmacies and also getting the best prices. Finally, beware of scammers online.

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