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Pain Pills for Sale Online

Are you feeling a certain pain and you are looking to buy some pain pills online to relieve the pain? And you are wondering if it would be such a great idea? Well, it is not a bad idea at all as buying drugs online generally guarantees ease and lower cost. The type and level of pain you feel would determine the type of pain pill you would get. We must tell you explicitly that there are different types of painkillers for different levels of pain. Some pain pills are very strong and you would require to see your doctor before you can get and ultimately use this drug according to the professional’s instructions. However, while you would have to seek your physician before using certain pain pills, there are also pain pills that absolutely can be obtained without having to ask for a prescription from your physician. These sort of pain pills are common and less powerful when compared with those that would require a prescription from your doctor. Pain pills that would require a prescription are used to treat acute pain while pain pills that do not require your doctor’s prescription are pain pills used for the treatment of mild pains. There are so many online pharmacies that can ship pain pills to your location. However, you have to be sure the pharmacy is reliable and it sells original drugs. Otherwise, you could be exposed to loss and a great harm to your health. This is because illegitimate pharmacies ship out great drugs and your financial and personal information are not safe with these pharmacies. This is why they are illegitimate and unlicensed in the first place.

Buy Cheap Pain Pills Online

As rational consumers, we always look for the best prices. To get the best prices for your pain pills, online options are pretty much the way to go. This is owed to the fact that you are able to a wide and effective price comparison between pharmacies which would facilitate the choice of the best available price making you get the drug at the lowest cost. However, we advise that you stay clear of pharmacies that offer ridiculously low prices as this is common with illegitimate pharmaceutical websites that ship out fake drugs to its customers. The ridiculous prices are to draw the attention of patients and lure them to buy their drugs. Patients who fall victims of these websites report that they received drugs that are either unapproved or counterfeit. For pharmacies that sell authentic pain pills at affordable prices, check our top list of recommended pharmacies. The list contains pharmacies that have been proven safe over the years and are popularly known to abide by the standards set by the regulatory bodies. This is why they are licensed and have the required accreditations. So, check the list for your entire safety and also for great prices.

Is Buying Pain Pills Online Legal?

Buying pain pills online is not illegal. Numerous patients have bought their pain pills online without having issues with the authority. Nevertheless, note that buying pain pills online may not be illegal but it is definitely dangerous especially if you have no idea of the pharmacies to trust. This is why we explicitly and repeatedly stated that you check the list of recommended pharmacies for your safety. Also, note that buying controlled pain pills like narcotic pain pills e.g OxyContin and Vicodin without a prescription is frowned upon by the DEA and it is absolutely illegal and punishable by imprisonment under the federal law of the United States.

OxyContin and Vicodin Images

OxyContin and Vicodin Images

Thus, we advise that you refrain from buying controlled pills online without a valid prescription.

Is Buying Pain Pills Online Safe?

Like we have rightly said it could be dangerous buying pills generally online; this is because there are many rogue sites. Furthermore, you have no problem if you make the purchase of your pain pills from a licensed online pharmacy. The problem patients have is recognizing the online pharmacy that they could trust. Check a few hacks below to discover if a pharmacy is legitimate and trustworthy

  • A trustworthy pharmacy would have an accreditation from regulatory bodies like the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies (NABP). The seal would be displayed on the pharmacies website which signifies that it is VIPPS licensed.



  • The pharmacy’s website would be secured with an impregnable encryption.
  • They would never sell prescription drugs to customers without a prescription.
  • They always have US licensed physicians and pharmacists on their team of staff.
  • They would have a reliable customer care team that is available to treat your queries timely.
  • They usually have longstanding years of practice.

Any online pharmacy that does not have any of these qualities is not a trustable one. We advise that you stay clear of such pharmacies; never get your pain pills from them.


While getting your pain pills online could be a good choice, it could also be dangerous because of the existing rogue online pharmacies selling counterfeits and adulterated drugs. So it is important to be cautious. Ensure you follow the hacks above to help you figure out if you can trust a pharmacy or not. Also, make sure you do not forget to check our top list of recommended pharmacies. The list was compiled to ensure your total safety and to ensure that you get the best price for your medications. We would like to remind you to always get a doctor’s prescription for your prescription pain relief drugs. On a final note, as we always tell you, beware of scammers online so you do not fall victim of their schemes.