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Silkroad Pharmacy Reviews: Will You Get Genuine Meds and Services?

Silkroad Pharmacy is a pharmacy that claims to offer cheap medications. This store claims to offer a variety of medications. These medications are used to treat conditions such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and HGH. Other medications that they offer include pain relief medication, steroids, men’s health, research chemical powder, sex enhancement drugs, weight reduction drugs, and women health medications. They claim to offer a variety of payment options. These include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, wire transfer and more. Their website has a minimalistic design. This is a website that appeared easy to use and hence it might make someone buy from them.

Even though using this pharmacy looked simple, we always advise against trusting the pharmacies that you find online without first making an effort to find out if they will offer you the best services. It is not easy to determine if a drugstore will deliver or it won’t by simply looking at their website. The best way to determine this is through reading the experiences that previous store users had.

Silkroad Pharmacy Review 2017

If you are looking to purchase drugs from a new store that you have never dealt with before, it is always advisable to check its reviews. The store might seem real, but, in the real sense, they are fake. Silkroad Pharmacy seems real. However, after checking its reviews, you will get to realize that it is not really as real as it seems. In order to give you the best reviews, we did not focus only on the reviews for the year 2016. We collected reviews for different years. Here are the reviews:

Silkroad Pharmacy Review  

Silkroad Pharmacy Review


The above reviewer warns against dealing with Silkroad Pharmacy. He calls the pharmacy a scammer. He says that he ordered from them, but the only thing that they did was take his money and they did nothing at all. He did not receive any note from them. Also, no one replied to his emails. He says that Silkroad Pharmacy owners are scammers and liars. The above customer wants to find other deceived customers who lost their money.

Silkroad Pharmacy User Testimonials

Silkroad Pharmacy User Testimonials

Debbie states that Silkroad Pharmacy is quick to give the name and number on the email. They even send instructions on how to buy. But, after you make the payment, you will never hear from them again. She says that she confirmed that Silkroad Pharmacy received her money. She did not receive her order.

Bulurru says that he placed his order and paid via western union. His money was picked up the next day. His order was changed from on-hold to completed but since then he has not heard anything from the pharmacy. He did not receive anything. He says that the website that he had used to order his meds is currently offline.

Blanco says that he placed his order in February. After Silkroad Pharmacy had received his money, he never heard from them again. Blanco is very angry. He had done his research and thought that he could trust Silkroad Pharmacy. He says that will never order online again. He is looking to get his refund or his order, both of which he has not received yet.

The above reviews are all negative. This means that Silkroad Pharmacy is an online store that cannot be trusted. They wait until the customer makes the payment. They then disappear and never communicate again. Avoid using this pharmacy. For the best stores that offer great prices, communication, and quick delivery, check our catalog. The pharmacies available in our catalog are all genuine.

Is the Silk Road Legit?

All the reviews that we have already looked at prove that Silkroad Pharmacy is not a store that you can consider trusting. They will steal from you and never talk to you. We decided to do further research to check whether the store is really rogue.

LegitScript Clearly indicated that Silkroad Pharmacy is a rogue pharmacy. This means that this is a store that you cannot trust. The internet pharmacy does not operate within the confines of the law. Thus, if you place your order with them, you are placing yourself at a very high risk of getting your money stolen and never receiving the drugs that you order. Instead of placing yourself in the risk, we advise that you use genuine stores that have been proven to always deliver on time. These are the stores that we have in our catalog.

Silk Road Pharmacy Coupon Code

We did not find any coupon codes available online for Silkroad Pharmacy. However, we were able to find some offers on their website that offered to help customers save more of their money. These offers are as follows:

Silkroad Pharmacy Offers

Silkroad Pharmacy Offers

The first offer involved allowing customers to save 7% on their medications every time they spent over $1000 on the site. Their offer claimed to be permanent. This means that it did not matter whether the customer was a repeat or a first-time customer.

Silkroad Pharmacy Shipping offer

Silkroad Pharmacy Shipping offer

The second offer involved allowing customers to save money on shipping. This offer which allowed customers to enjoy free shipping only became eligible to customers who spent more than $500 on their medications.

Rogue pharmacies will use offers to try and make you spend even more money. This is a trap. Avoid this trap by only ordering from real stores which offer real deals and deliver. Every pharmacy that we place on our top-rated vendor’s list delivers on time and they will deliver what you order and not fake drugs.


From the evidence that we found in all the negative reviews available online for Silkroad Pharmacy, it is very clear that this is a rogue store that tries to leverage the power of the internet to try and rob people. Therefore, don’t order your meds from the pharmacy. We have much better drugstores that you can order from in our top-rated medication drug sellers list. We don’t place a pharmacy on this list before we investigate it and determine that it is fit to be used by anyone. This means that you will always get what you order from the pharmacies in our catalog.