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Stop N Shop Pharmacy

Stop N Shop Pharmacy is a local retailer of the Stop N Shop Supermarket that claims to provide durable medical supplies as well as medical equipment and it is located in Clifton, New Jersey. While the supermarket itself asserts that it has been around for over a hundred years, there is no mention of when exactly the Stop N Shop Pharmacy was established. The primary specialty of this local retail drugstore seems to be Medicare supplies that may include – blood glucose monitors and supplies, cranes and crutches, commodes, bedpans and urinals, diabetic shoes, ostomy supplies and even surgical dressing.

As a retail or independent pharmacy, patients who reside in New Jersey can easily obtain their prescription medications by simply visiting the Stop N Shop Pharmacy at a reasonable price. The website of this retail drug store ( assures customers both old and new that the pharmacists do not only fill prescriptions but aim to promptly provide expert advice, dispense high-quality medications and leave a positive impact on the health and wellness of customers. Customers are also able to direct questions about their prescriptions to a pharmacist by simply filling a contact box including an email address, however, there was no mention of how soon customers get a reply.

Stop N Shop Pharmacy also offers immunization services for adults against shingles, pneumonia, hepatitis, tetanus, meningitis and more and that these immunization services are carried out by specially trained pharmacists. They also assert that most of the pharmacists associated with each of their pharmacy stores including the one serving New Jersey have been certified by the American Pharmacists Association in Diabetes care and are trained to provide excellent services to patients with Diabetes including – review of medication and consultation, insulin injection demonstration, glucose monitor training and dietary advice.

Stop N Shop Pharmacy Refill

The Stop N Shop Pharmacy also offers its customers refill for prescription with the automatic refill reminder program. Customers are assured that when they enroll for this program, the pharmacists will immediately fill a refill when it is due and so with this plan, they hope to eliminate the need of coming to the pharmacy to wait for a refill or even calling in a refill. The Stop N Shop pharmacy offers to notify a customer by phone or email when a refill is ready for pick up. With this method, customers do not need to worry about remembering to check when a medication is running low.

Prescription Refill Form

Prescription Refill Form

Customers who want to benefit from the Stop N Shop Pharmacy automatic refill program only need to ask the pharmacy team to sign them up, however, there is still an option for customers to place an order for a refill on the website and to make the ordering process go smoothly and faster, customers are required to get their prescription information handy. The prescription information they will need to place a refill order is shown in the screenshot above and includes the pharmacy number which is located next to the pharmacy name, the last four digits of a customer’s telephone number and their prescription number(s) which is shown as the “Rx#” on the prescription card.

To check the status of a refill order that was placed using the Stop N Shop Pharmacy website, customers still need the information that they supplied when filling out the refill order: the pharmacy number, the last four digits of their telephone number and their prescription number(s). This information when provided will allow a customer know whether or not a prescription is ready and when to pick it up. As already mentioned, customers may opt for the text notification service offered by this local retail pharmacy to get information on when their prescription is ready for pickup.

Stop N Shop Generic Brand – Is It Possible To Obtain Generic Medications From The Stop N Shop Pharmacy?

Stop N Shop Pharmacy have a variety of generic prescription medications for customers to choose from. Drugs like omeprazole, warfarin, Finasteride, Lisinopril, Ibuprofen, Ciprofloxacin HCL, Amoxicillin and many others can easily be obtained via this local retail drug store and again customers are assured low prices for these medications, however, there may be slight changes in the pricing based on the amount prescribed – 30 and 90 day supply are considered the commonly prescribed dosage and anything above this amount may attract a higher price.

Prices Of Some Generic Medications

Prices Of Some Generic Medications

Customers who hope to save extra cash while purchasing generic prescription medications may make use of the generic prescription savings plan offered by this retail drug store on nearly 200 generic prescription medications thus a medication that qualifies for this savings plan can be purchased at $6.99 for a 30-day supply and $13.99 for a 90-day supply as shown in the screenshot above.


Stop N Shop Pharmacy is a local retailer that claims to sell durable medical equipment, prescription drugs, immunization services and offer Diabetes care to patients in the New Jersey area. They also claim to have highly trained pharmacists who ensure that patients are left satisfied by giving expert care and by assisting in filling out prescriptions for patients as well as providing expert care for Diabetic patients. This retail pharmacy also offers over 200 generic medications at a cheaper price so that customers can save while purchasing generic prescription medications.

Customers who want a refill for prescription can easily do so by signing up for the automatic refill reminder program which takes away the burden of forgetting to check when a prescription supply is low and allows the Stop N Shop Pharmacy to be fully responsible for the entire refill process including informing a customer when a prescription refill is ready for pick up. Customers should be careful of online drug vendors that claim to sell medications that may turn out to be illegal and may even contain harmful ingredients. To assist new customers to locate legitimate drug vendors, we have compiled a list of top recommended online pharmacies that may be helpful.