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Trust Pharmacy Review: Hospital Pharmacy Services in Nottingham

Trust Pharmacy is the business name of Hospital Pharmacy Services (Nottingham) Limited. They were established in 2012. The main objective of Trust Pharmacy is to provide pharmaceutical services for patients. They are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 23:59 while during the weekends they are open from 10:00 to 23:59. They provide other services like dispensing of hospital outpatient prescription, health advice, disposal of unwanted drugs, signposting apart from selling drugs, vitamins, and personal care products. Trust Pharmacy has a website that looks more like a blog. They don’t have any of the products they sell on display.

Trust Pharmacy Shop Review by Patients

The essence of reviews is to help prospective customers make up their mind whether to use the services of a particular company. These comments or opinions were gotten from genuine customers who patronized Trust Pharmacy. Trust Pharmacy received both negative and positive comments. Some of the customers complained of not getting the number of drugs that are prescribed by the doctor. The reviews were gotten from the National Health Service. About 15 customers who used their services decided to leave comments and the overall rating of Trust Pharmacy was 2.5 stars.

NHS website

NHS website

For instance, Shauna Bales complained of Trust Pharmacy always having one complication or the other. The patient said most times they don’t have any medication in stock or they are short of it. Sometimes Shauna had to even wait endlessly without getting any response from a member of staff.

Patients Review for Trust Pharmacy in Nottingham

Patients Review for Trust Pharmacy in Nottingham

However, below every review, there is always a response from the pharmacy providing reasons or apologizing to the customer about their experience. In Shauna’s case, Trust Pharmacy responded and said the reason was that they provide services for a wide range of clinics.

Trust Pharmacy in Nottingham Response

Trust Pharmacy in Nottingham Response

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Trust Pharmacy Online

Trust Pharmacy in Nottingham has a website but it doesn’t seem like they do much of online transactions. It seems to us that you have to visit them to get whatever product you want. They don’t have any provision for online sales services. This is completely different from what other pharmacies do these days. They can supply their products to you wherever you are. All you have to do is visit their website, place your order and within a few days, the products are at your doorstep.

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Is Trust Pharmacy Fake?

Trust Pharmacy in Nottingham is a genuine pharmacy with a verifiable address in Nottingham. They provide services such as drug sales and prescription as earlier mentioned. There is no record of any customers complaining of been defrauded of their money to the best of our knowledge. It’s just some complaints from customers who were not satisfied by their services. This doesn’t completely mean that all the customers were dissatisfied with their services. For instance, Maria was quite impressed with their services. She gave them 5 stars after patronizing them.

A patients review

A patient’s review

Trust Pharmacy in Nottingham also responded by appreciating Maria for her kind comments. We have mentioned earlier about our list of top online pharmacies. We would like to add that they offer free sex sample pills for their first-time customers. You can get up to 10 pills of Cialis, Viagra or Levitra. These erectile dysfunction drugs are expensive but you will get them for free. This will afford you the opportunity to test the quality of their drugs for free. They also have certified doctors who can examine your health and prescribe the right dose of drugs that will suit your health.


Trust Pharmacy in Nottingham is not your regular online pharmacy. You need to visit them to get any of the services they render. From the comments left behind by most patients on NHS website, you will discover that most people were not pleased with what they had to offer. However, we didn’t come across any patient complaining of buying fake drugs. From the overall score, they had 2.5 which is just an average score. Beware of scam sites that also make juicy and tempting offers. They engage in sharp practices and they are always looking for any means to steal from you. We have put together a List of Recommended Top online pharmacies. They are reliable and secure to use.