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Www.canadadrugs.com: Closing Soon

Buying drugs from Canada has remained the option for most patients to buy drugs at a low cost. And believe it or not buying drugs from Canada has been a lifesaver to thousands of patients and it has also been a disaster for a few. If you are on the latter end, then it implies that you did not do your homework before buying your drugs from a Canadian pharmacy; if you did you would be happy with your choice. However, it is better late than never. One of the research that must be done is to read a review about the pharmacy you propose to buy your drugs from. That is the main essence of this article. To give you all the information about canadadrugs.com at a glance. So, in the end, it is easy for you to make a decision and choose whether to go with the online pharmacy or not.

Canada Drugs is apparently a Canadian pharmacy. It is based in Winnipeg from where it processes and dispenses its drugs to customers both within Canada and outside Canada. The question we think you need an answer to: “is it safe?” Well, you would find out soon enough.

Canadadrugs.com Pharmacy

While there are so many Canadian pharmacies to make a choice from, it could be difficult at times. This is why doing a review of pharmacies from time to time could be helpful to patients to ensure their overall safety. I mean what would be the essence of ordering for a drug at a cheaper price to end up harming yourself through the use of the dispensed counterfeit, adulterated, and contaminated drugs. Don’t get it wrong, while it may be dangerous to order for drugs from Canada it has helped many people save thousands of dollars. Canadian pharmacies have also made patients able to afford treatments. Canadadrugs.com has for 17 years delivered drugs to numerous patients in the US. They specialize in sourcing drugs from various contracted pharmacies and fulfillment centers in various countries like New Zealand, India, Turkey, Singapore etc. They do this so they could get the best price for their customers as drugs are relatively cheap in some countries like New Zealand owing to the government efforts to control prices of medication. For example, Viagra manufactured by the same Pfizer is up to 50% cheaper in New Zealand. In addition, generics are cheapest in India. Hence, the sourcing of drugs from different locations makes Canada Drugs able to give their customers the best prices. They claim to have helped customers from the US to save over $1 billion since their inception in 2001.

Is Canadadrugs.com Legit?

As you probably know, not all pharmacies that claim to be legit and reliable can be truly relied upon to deliver authentic medications and safeguard your personal and financial info submitted while attempting to make an order on their online pharmaceutical platform. Now, you may ask; is canadadrugs.com one of those Canadian pharmacies you can trust? That’s a tricky question when it comes to this pharmacy as they are currently going through an indictment by the US Department of Justice. Canada drugs has been alleged to sell fake drugs to United States patients for years. They are also alleged to be in conspiracy with the popular accreditation body pharmacy checker which was claimed to accredit pharmacy checker despite their knowledge of misconduct. These claims have been refuted blaming “Big Pharma” for being the author of the conspiracy, with the claim that they want to keep US patients buying drugs at the high prices set by the pharmaceutical cabal. While this argument makes sense, we do not second this until they are proven innocent. According to a plea entered by Canada Drugs with the Department of Justice, from July 13, 2018, they would be shutting down and won’t be able to ship drugs to US patients.

Canadadrugs.com Reviews

One can never know for sure what to expect from a pharmacy until he has checked the reviews from various customers who have made orders from the pharmacy. Checking what customers have to say about a pharmacy gives you the opportunity to peep into the experience of other which would either make you patronize them or not. In the case of Canadadrugs.com, many customers have good things to say, while some customers have not too good things to say. After going through these reviews below, you should be able to decide for yourself if they are worth trying or not.

Www.Canadadrugs.com Reviews Image

The first review is good coming from Laureate who claims her family has been a customer of canadadrugs.com for a long time. She attests to their cheap prices and great customer care that always fixes any customer queries. The second review from Bill Howden says, “prices are good”. But he complains about not being kept abreast of his delivery status, so he gives Canada Drugs a 3-star rating. The third review says, “amazing service.” The customer says he was scared at first but in the end, he is impressed.


While it may be cost-effective to buy your prescriptions from Canada, it is a risky task owing to the fact that not all pharmacies that claim to be Canadian can be trusted. So, it is important to exercise caution. Canadadrugs.com appears to be a great pharmacy but appears to be in a bit of a mess with the US Department of Justice. While many are happy with the services of Canadadrugs.com, some are highly disappointed. Which brings us back to our advice of exercising caution. For pharmacies that you can order confidently from, check our top list of recommended pharmacies. And please beware of scammers.